Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ann says she wants a free Tibet, but I say ain't nothing in this life free.

Got a feeling this is going to be one of my more random posts, kids, so don't look for the thread because it probably ain't there.

"Ain't" used to be proper speech, back in England, back in the 18th century.

Another example of how there ain't no such thing as correct language.

It's a river and we just ride it.

This has been one of those strange weeks when time slows down and then jumps forward on you. Spent about two days yesterday working on a script, Monday was about a week ago and now all of a sudden it's Thursday and I have to walk out onstage in about 56 hours.

Hope I'll be ready.

Nice time-travel last night at the opening night festivities of the undergroundzero festival over on Franklin Street. Saw all of the old warriors of Collective: Unconscious, Bob and Patrick and Justin et al. Johnny Porkpie was there, wearing my shirt, and Irving kept yelling at me about something. I huddled in a corner with Paul Bargetto and Jennifer Conley Darling for awhile, sipping Scotch and plotting our moves.

Here's another bit of the Acting Book, since I've run plumb out of fresh words this morning:


The artist and the cop have the exact same job description up until the moment of execution.

Study. Observe patterns. Observe, open-eyed and with no pre-suppositions, no prejudices.

Look at it fresh. Again and again.

Stay close to the streets.

Know the changes. Recognize the rhythms so you can notice before anyone else when they change.

The job description is the same. The jobs are anti-thetical.

At the moment, the moment of action, is when the cop and the artist split.

The cop's job is to arrest.

The artist's job is to release.

But other than that, they are the same job. So we, as artists, should keep an eye on those among us who wish to arrest. We should check that impulse and recognize it.
We are not here to capture moments or interrogate the world.

We are here to increase freedom in the world, to loosen bonds and ferry dark thoughts out into the day.

Work towards release.


Ann said...

Free Tibet*

*With the purchase of one Tibet of equal or lesser value. Void where prohibited, while supplies last.

Anonymous said...

I was working toward release the other day, but the cops arrested me. Go figure!

John said...

Yeah, I been there.

Anonymous said...

I think this wiretaping bill will make it easier to arrest and harder to release.

John said...

The more that are arrested, the more that are to be released.

Now that's a horseshit feel-happy sentiment if ever I typed one.

Rose said...

Hmmm. Speaking of wire tapping bills, I wrote my first angry-but-civil email to my chosen candidate wondering why in the hell he would vote against Civil Liberties and for amnesty for telcoms.
It made me feel good and adult-like.

I plan on doing more to use my powers as a voting person over 18 in our country.

Very soon.

Beware the powers of Cute. They are far more evil than you can possibly imagine.

And they can vote.

Boo ya! This country still has some kick in her and I'm climbing up to ride her into the sunset!

John said...

Take it, Rosie.

They always underestimate Cute.

JVG said...

If you don't want me to wear your shirt, don't leave it at my house the night before.

John said...