Tuesday, July 15, 2008

calling all cars

Putting out an APB on The Event, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the undergroundzero festival, all shows at 7:30. Tickets at www.weird.org.

Key date is Thursday the 17th. Got some good folks coming who are interested in moving the show, so we need to pack the house with a crowd that will then stream out into the lobby afterwards, all murmuring in unison:

"Damn, that would be a fine Off-Broadway show and I would certainly come back and see it with forty of my friends."

All in unison, in some sort of creepy Stepford audience rhythm.

It's a very fun show, about an hour, with the inimitable Matt Oberg talking the whole time. Magic tricks for those who stay, no lie.

New York Theatre Mike knows his jazz family trees.

Cannonball's brother was indeed Nat, although Art and Scat Bowlingball were both fine guesses. Ann and Scat each get a very small sack o' woe, but they don't have to open them, they can just leave them in the lobby as they file out with the crowd.

Mike gets Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, which sounds like what you're supposed to say when adversity comes up.

I might just have a pilot written up, did some good work on The Postmen yesterday.

And all things LIT are jumping this week, check out Martin's blog on nytheatre.com.

Congratulations, Mike.

And now I know that the Lampshade Queen has a jazz blindspot and that Scat Bowlingball Herself will unerringly go for the goofiest choice as long as it tickles her.

This is how the game of poker is played.


Rose said...

Damn, now all my bases are belong to you. Well, I guess it's always been that way anyway.

It's that darned tickling. Gets me every time. :D

John said...

Great meeting last night, Scat.

My gmail seems screwed somehow, let me know when you want to meet.

Rose said...

moo! Loved it too! How's about tomorrow night around 6? Same Clancy apartment, same clancy channel?

John said...

Perfect, see you then.

Something is fucked up with this old gmail account.

Ann said...

Or the Lampshade Queen wants you to *think* she has a blindspot. I believe that is also how poker is played...

John said...

Hey, am I being hustled here?

Damned Damn Ann.

Just can't trust those upstate girls.

Ann said...

Trust but verify, Clancy. Trust but verify.