Monday, July 07, 2008

back to the salt mine

It's another Monday morning outside my window after four straight days of weekend.

Glad to be back in the harness, truthfully. Needed the break, but I like to be busy and there are a lot of good things to do.

Spent the 4th (and the 5th and some of the 6th) up with Sheila and Norma at the Wallkill Ranch. I burned up most of Sheila's firewood for the year the first night, just couldn't let the fire die. Peter Michael Marino was there as well, at one point giving us all a sneak-peek at Children of the Corn, The Musical!

Very fucking funny.

Yesterday Walsh and I saw WALL-E.

You know how I love to babble on about things?

I have no words. Please go see this movie. Please bring a young person.

This week will be all about learning our lines for Nigromantia and prepping for the big Second Indie Theater Convocation on Saturday. And writing the pilot for Postmen. It's a pretty light week, so we should be fine.

MMMQ is about heritage and the passing of the torch.

Little Steve Miller grew up down in Texas where he went to school with Royce (Boz) Scaggs and first picked up a guitar. Steve's father was an amateur recording engineer and on the first disc of the Box Set there's a recording of five-year old Stevie singing and then getting some advice and praise from his godfather.

Steve Miller's godfather was:

1. Buddy Holly

2. Les Paul

3. T-Bone Walker

4. Vito Corleone

Winner gets some good stuff, losers get called Maurice.


Ann said...

Finally - the big payoff for two years spent dating a philandering guitar player! Steve Miller's godfather is Les Paul, and I am officially jealous that you have that box set.

Interesting fact: Syracuse is only a little ways up the road from New Paltz. You have friends there. Friends with booze.

John said...

Sadly, I only have the first disc of the Box Set. Picked it up at a flea market somewhere, I think.

It right well rocks, howsomever.

You seem pretty certain, Ann.

Double or nothing?

Ann said...

Yes! Double or nothing sounds GREAT! What possible reason would I have to doubt information I received well over fifteen years ago from a guy who habitually cheated on me and was usually stoned? Hell, make it triple or nothing, Clancy!

John said...

Triple that shit, Maurice.