Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LIT goes live

It must be real, we've got a website.

The Ladies International Tanning Night Yakuza.

That's not right.

Legendary Italian Transvestites Need You.


The League of Independent Theater. Yes.

Great meeting last night, thanks to the undergroundzero festival for the space.

Some great ideas, wonderful energy. It's all about membership now, go online, download the application and join up.

I read a great book back in my schooldays when I almost completed a Sociology minor, The Logic of Collective Action. Spells out the logic of not behaving selfishly, how working together or even for someone else's interest boomerangs back and serves the individual.

That's what it's about.

Boomerang, baby.

I'm a writing machine today. Go into rehearsal next week for The Invitation, need to get my head clear.

Everyone should go online to and join the League of International Tumbling Naked Yogis.

That's not right.

League of Independent Theater. The "ny" is just New York, I guess.

Makes sense.

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