Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Looks like the Bad Times are back.

Gov. Paterson is talking about massive deficits ahead for New York and Mayor Mike is just saying, "Yup.".

Cut service, cut spending, cut city jobs and then those who can will just cut out to the Hamptons, leaving the rest of us to scratch and claw and dance our way through it.

It's the early seventies all over again, without the music, which was the only good thing about the early seventies.

Nationally, we're looking at a criminal and seemingly deranged or at least divorced from reality President, we're stuck in a war we can't win militarily and gas prices are sky-rocketing.

Globally, everyone's mad at us but still wants to buy our jeans and watch our movies.

Taking a universal view, it's all still just a bunch of carbon and hydrogen and stardust.

And here in Rat City, we're all going broke.

It's simple enough. If the Wall Street moneyboys don't get their insanely fat bonuses, the waitress doesn't get her fat tip. The limo driver doesn't take the drive and the call-girl doesn't get the call.

Well, the call-girl still gets the call, of course.

Some things are recession-proof. The call-girl's going to be fine.

So, send money, I guess.

Fringe in Edinburgh opens on Friday, officially Sunday, but actually Friday.

Our own Fringe here in town starts next Friday, the 8th.

Godspeed to all. For those about to Fringe, we salute you.

Going to be fun to see both this year.

I'm going to put on some P-Funk and see if I can fit into those elephant bell-bottoms.

Retro, baby.


Rose said...

As long as there's P-Funk and Farah Fawcett hair, I'm all in.

I'll figure it out. I think my clashing color style would work perfectly in the remix recession of the 70's.

John said...

Yeah, we got to figure out what we're going to call it. We've had the Great Depression, how about the Awesome Depression?

Rose said...

Is it 'Awesome'? Really? I feel like it's something more like 'Funkadelic' or maybe 'Lampshade-Queen-Ariffic'. Or something. Something more evocative than awesome. Or we could go all bushist and say something like the 'Even Greater Depression'. Lol. I like that one.

John said...

Right, since it's Bush's depression, he'll have to claim it.

Fantastic Depression.

Heckuva Depression.

Ann said...

So sorry, I'm a day late reading this...but did you or did you not slip an AC/DC reference into this blog entry?

John said...

There's pretty much always an AC/DC reference in all of my blog entries, intended or otherwise.

Some things just get into your DNA.

Ann said...

Mmmkay. Just so you know, I am now picturing you typing this blog wearing Angus Young outfit.

My head? Is an awesome, awesome place to be.