Monday, July 21, 2008

slow week

Always a mistake to say that, but sitting here on a Monday morning my calendar is almost empty.


That's my favorite word up above, can never remember how to spell it.

Missing an "h" somewhere, I think.

Great week-end watching Matt say The Event downtown, thanks all who showed.

There's life in that thing, we'll get it back up.

Going to see Dr. Gehrman in an hour for a check-up, just routine, annual physical kind of thing.

I'm sure I'm in great shape.

Second mistake of the post.

I'm on a roll.

Huge superstition hovers over going to see the doctor. They are our Priests of Science, after all.

They are the Bringers of the Bad News and the Healers of the Sick.

Gehrman is this funny little Russian guy, always 45 minutes behind, bullied by his receptionist, a short, slouching, bearded, sardonic Jewish refugee type guy. You feel the compulsion to ask him how he's doing, like you're the doctor and he's a guy having a bad day.

Seeing Caroline Patterson for lunch. Young actress who helped us out with The Event. An hour at Odessa should straighten her out.

Get out of the business, kid. It'll only break your heart. More coffee over here, please.

Everyone should come down to 52 White Street tomorrow at 7:30 and speak about the League of Independent Theater. Had some good meetings over the weekend, it's coming together nicely.

And I think tickets are one sale for FringeNYC. Used to be involved in that, if memory serves.

Found a Joe Walsh CD in a stack of Cinderella and Jennifer Lopez bargain bin bound releases on Sunday and thus was given our Monday Morning Music Quiz.

Joe's L.A. guitar god classic, Life's Been Good, closes out which 1978 album:

1. Stop Me If You've Heard This Before

2. I'm Just Getting Started

3. Is This Microphone On?

4. But Seriously, Folks...

or, for Rose,

5. Captain Geechy's Shrimp Shack Shooters Sing Songs of Love and Idolatry, featuring the Hambone Trio and Wild "Joe" McPherson

Take a guess, winners get the good stuff, losers still get some shrimp.


Anonymous said...

I saw The Event. It was brilliant and the actor who said the words was terrific.

I would love to purchase a copy. Please let me know how.

John said...

Hey, great, thanks, you anonymous cyberfan.

Email and someone will hook you up.

Actor's name is Matt Oberg.

Care to take a shot at the MMMQ?

I'll give you a hint, it ain't Captain Geechy.

Theater of Ideas said...

Would love to drop by your Tuesday meeting, but I have a rehearsal for my reading tomorrow night. Hope it goes well. I remain very enthusiastic.

John said...

Thanks, Edward. Keep reading the blogs and all shall be revealed.

Rose said...

Hmm. That's a tough one Johnny boy.

I'm tempted to vote against the grain, and say 'Is this Microphone On?', but you know...I'm a sucker for camp...

And camp says that Captain Geechy has some damned fine Shrimp Shack Shooters.

The love songs...

I remember...

in Brazil, oh man... Such great love songs. And that Hambone trio, dynamite in the sack if yaknowwhattimean. And Ann drinking herself sick, dancing around with that tutu on her head. Man she can get down!!!

Johnny, don't bring up the past. Too many sad sad memories. Poor Wild 'Joe', poor poor wildy...


Ann said...

That was a lampshade, Rose. Just because I had it around my hips later in the night doesn't make it a tutu....good times, though.

So it's 10pm, and I'm still lying around in a Dilaudid coma, when suddenly it hits me:

MMMQ! I'm *missing* it!

And then I think, shit man, I hope it's not hard. Morphine makes me

As it turns out, Gob was smiling on me...Joe Walsh is my favorite Eagle, and you know what happens when I have a favorite, Clancy:

Total. Immersion.

But Seriously, Folks...

You gotta love an album with an elipses in the title. Right in the gobdamn TITLE!

So that's it. Final answer, double or nothin', painkillers for *everyone*. If you need me, I'll be over here, nodding off and listening to "Pretty Maids All In A Row"...

John said...

Godspeed, Ann.

And of course you win.

As you always do, even when you're going down in flames in front of a bunch of ignorant yokels or right here in front of friends and family.

But Seriously, Folks...

Genius. Couldn't stop playing it today. On right now, honest to Gob.

Ah, Rosie.

I was wrong to exploit the old memories.

It's this damned blog. The pressure, the deadlines, the ad people, the stylists.

I lost my way. I'm back.

Wildy. He never stood a chance.

I heard Hank Hambone is still out there, that the shotgun blast went wide and he ran off, never touched, worked his way back to Louisiana, started an honest life.

Well, I heard it, anyway.

And that was a lampshade, actually.

Got to give Ann points when she tells the truth.

Ann said...

*Especially* when I'm going down in flames, Clancy.

Especially then.

You know what I bet was fun, back in the day? Drinking with Joe Walsh.

Lampshades optional.

John said...


Flames make the best shadows.

And that's where we hide.

Fuck Joe Walsh.

I want to be back there drinking or whatnot with Jimi and Janis.


Must be a reason Gob took them.

Those two were on to something.

Colin said...

Too late to get the prize, but maybe some bonus points for knowing that it also appeared on 'Eagles Live'?

I spent an amazing night with Joe Walsh at Woodstock '94. After the first night's shows were done I wandered by a group of about 20 people hovered around this burned out rocker guy with a red bandana playing acoustic around. He wasn't playing the festival (he was there in '69), he was just hanging out. He stayed up all freakin' night playing tunes (anything but his own - he knew 'em all), and passing around joints and bottles.

I have a lovely B&W shot of him toking a bowl as the sun rose.

Ann said...

I could get behind drinking with Jimi & Janis. Jim Morrison, too - let's not forget Mr. Mojo Risin.

Can't help now but think about which dead musician I'd most like to be able to have a drink with.

John said...

Me, I'd buy a drink or whatever he needed for John Coltrane.

Or go back and buy some rounds for Robert Johnson until they closed the place up and made us sit outside in the road.

Johnson probably just wanted a meal and a shot at a straight life, singing his songs and getting paid.

I don't know.

But I would have liked to have been there with Joe.

Send me that picture, Col, I'll put it up.

Definite bona fide bonus points for you, son.

Ann said...

Good call. Me? I'm going with John Lennon. If Mr. Lennon's not available, there's always Roy Orbison...

John said...

Yeah, I'd like to ask Mr. Lennon what the hell I Am the Walus was all about.

You know he'd just snigger and change the subject.

How about drinking moonshine with Ronnie Van Zant and the Skynyrd boys?

Probably wouldn't have a fucking thing to say, but wow.

Would be cool just to sit there.