Monday, July 14, 2008

still humming

Like a tuning fork from Saturday's convocation.

Thanks Martin and Rochelle for gathering 160 + independent theater artists and practitioners and thanks Scott Morfee for giving us the Barrow Street Theater to gather in and thanks all of you who made it and all who tried.

Good, focused, positive energy in that room and a very good beginning of a larger conversation.

Martin has posted his remarks on his blog, Some good comments have begun.

We're having a League of Independent Theater town hall gathering on Tuesday the 22nd down at the Manhattan Children's Theater, 52 White Street at 7:30 as part of the undergroundzero festival, so that's the next public forum and chance to get more information on the League and move the League forward.

And me and Spitfire did just fine with Nigromantia.

Learned my lines and everything.

Finishing up Postmen this week, Gob willing, and putting The Event back up on Thursday.

Other than that, the Museum is on a summer schedule: open when we feel like it, closed when the weather is nice.

Wouldn't be a Monday around here without a Monday Morning Music Quiz, so here goes:

Throwing it out to the jazzbo crew this morning.

The great Cannonball Adderley played with his brother, along with Joe Zawinul and other assorted geniuses. Cannonball's brother played the cornet and his name was:

1. Nate

2. Nat

3. Scat

4. Art


5. Bowlingball

Winner gets Mercy, losers get a Sack o' Woe.


Ann said...

Oh please let it be Art! Art Adderly is maybe the most perfect name I've ever heard.

Second most perfect. First place goes to my friend Johnny Sparks.

John said...

I've always been a fan of names that are complete sentences, Tom Waits, Stan Getz, Lew Fields.

Anonymous said...

Mercy, mercy, mercy, John - Cannonball's brother would be Nat. No sack o' woe for him or the Cannonball.

Sorry I missed the festivities on Saturday. Sounds like it was quite an exciting gathering from the reports I've heard. Congrats.

Rose said...

I want to be named Scat Bowlingball.

That would be awesome. So that's my choice. Double answer! Double or nothing!

John said...

See you tonight, Scat.

That could be two Sacks O' Woe, you know.

Ann said...

I'll take Rose's sacks of woe. She sent me the most beautiful creature, I owe her.

Thank you, Rose!

Adam T said...

Yay! THe creature came! Glad you liked it!
Hey look I'm adam now.

John said...

All right, we've got creatures and shape-shifters running around on the blog now.

You ladies need to watch the horseplay and the rough-housing, someone's going to get hurt.

Rose said...

You got to go through life with some horseplay and scratches. I have some significant scars from roughhousing in kindergarten and I'm proud of it!