Thursday, July 24, 2008

diner meetings

Had two of them, back-to-back, yesterday.

Met up with Del, Curtiss and Nan at The Lyric on 3rd Avenue just below 23rd and then braved the crosstown six o'clock traffic to meet Shay and Leonard at the fabled Westway over on 9th and 43rd.

Nothing makes you feel like more of a New Yorker than riding that booth meeting, nodding all serious-like while spooning up your rice pudding.

Everything is rolling today. Polishing up episode two of The Postmen, some light housework and Museum maintenance, meeting for The Invitation tonight.

Out of Rat City tomorrow for a night or two. Pocono Madness.

Join LIT. Buy American. Vote your conscience.

I'm reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

That's some surprisingly practical shit.

And if you want to have your own eyebrows raise right off your forehead, read the Comments down under the "big work" post.

Gets all steamy.

Thanks, ladies.

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