Tuesday, July 22, 2008

big work

They've got two cement mixers and what I count to be about thirty guys across the street working on the old Theatorium site.

Two enormous crane-like machines I've never seen before hover over the whole operation. They're hooked up to the cement-mixing trucks and they're sucking up the wet cement and then shooting it down through these massive tubes that the workmen direct down into the foundation.

It's like something out of The Matrix over there.

Loud as hell, too. Woke us up this morning.

Tonight, 7:30 at Manhattan Children's Theater, 52 White Street between Church and Broadway we talk all things LIT.

That's the League of Independent Theater, and while we may not have the cranes or the cement mixers, we're going to get some work done.

The purposes for which the corporation is formed are:

(1) To promote the artistic and economic interests of theater professionals
working in New York City in theaters of up to 99 seats;

(2) To organize and protect its members to ensure that independent theater is economically viable for all of its practitioners; and

(3) To advocate on behalf of the decades-old tradition of off-off Broadway theater to ensure that it remains, and grows, as a thriving artistic and economic sector in New York City.

Pretty straight-forward.

Come tonight, share your ideas and concerns, get involved.

The Lampshade Queen dances even from her sick-bed, showing us all moves we've only read about. Yeah, Joe Walsh used the ellipses bravely (or maybe he was just high and didn't realize what he was doing) on his 1978 classic But Seriously, Folks... If you remember the album art you'll remember how strange it all was, Joe underwater with a big snorkel mask, bubbles rising to the surface.

Different days.

Ann wins a snorkel mask, if she wants one, or a prize of equal or lesser value.

Colin wins eleven bonus points, to be redeemed for a prize of lesser or greater value.

And Rosie wins the opportunity to design any and all Clancy Productions for her brilliant Brazilian memory/novella. Prize includes the right to attend endless production meetings, work in the heat of the Rat City summer for very little pay and have your work reviewed by Martin Denton.

Well played, all.


Ann said...

You watch out for those cranes, Clancy.

John said...

Got my hard hat on, goes great with that hard look on my face.

How you feeling?

Ann said...

Ready to trade these painkillers for wine. And I need a vacation...being confined to the couch and watching the Travel Channel 18 hours a day tends to have that effect.

Other than that? I'm all Kool and the Gang, John. Thanks for asking.

Rose said...




Oh yeah.

How's steampunk sally creature helping you heal Ann? If you have access to itunes and can watch things through it I recommend Dr.Horrible video quite highly for sickness watching. Do you do Dvds or VHS old school?

John said...

Ah, and the girls are chatting again.

I'm just going to get out of these man-clothes and pour myself a Pinot Grigio.

(insert appropriate SFX here, unzipping, zipping, pouring of Pinot Grigio, etc.)

Now then.

Who's this George Eliot I keep hearing about?

Glad to hear you're fighting back, Ann.

We need you, we're outnumbered out there and those bastards keep replicating.

Goddamned zombies.

(SFX of heavy sighing, slight sobbing and then a scuffle, sound of a gun being cocked. There is a tense silence.)





Ann said...

Rose!! Hi Rose! Did you hear? Ithaca just made some list of Best Towns Ever!

Steampunk Sally is excellent company; she lives on the endtable near where I've made my little nest on the couch...and she completely fascinates my dog. He stares at her, then stares at me...then at her.

Heh. I just realized I've been keeping a can of dog treats in a box behind her, Lou probably thinks she's a magical treat-totem.

Yes, John. The girls are talking again. Sometimes we just sort of get up from the comments section together and head for the cyber ladies' room...we bond. It's hormonal or something, I don't know.

True story: Lori Hoeflinger is my new BFF - we send each other drunken emails and there may or may not have been some blood oath swearing. and plotting. There's definitely plotting afoot.

I think it's your willingness to get out of your man-clothes and drink pinot grigio with us that makes your blog such a hotbed of girl-on-girl action. Bet Pentecost is sorry he's not a regular reader now, huh?

But I digress. Let me just move my wine so Rose has a clear shot at those zombies, then we gotta get Lori on speakerphone.

Rose said...



Using my super cute powers of laser eyes is so difficult with zombies. Have to aim just right.

Now I take my whiskey neat and would love a giant hock of bbq meat goodness, what's with all this pretty in pink shit. Sometimes girls can get down and dirty too.


John said...


Did you type VORN?

Now, that's some funny shit right there.

Watch out for Lori, Ann.

It all seems like a great idea and then suddenly you're driving on the rail road tracks with Bill Hennessey, ripping out your transmission, taking the long walk home as the St. Louis summer sun rises.

And that's no metaphor.

Ann said...

The way I hear it that was all Bill Hennessey's fault...

How can I resist her, John?? She quotes movie lines! 'Stripes', for god's sake! Do you know how hard it is to find someone who immediately gets the reference to "lighten up, Francis?"

Nope. Lori's mine and I'm keeping her.

John said...

Absolutely fucking Hennessey's fault, as was most of the shit that went down that summer.

Lori couldn't believe we were walking home. We were way out there. She was all dressed up. Probably our first date.

Yeah, she's a keeper.

Ann said...

That middle paragraph there is very Hemingway-esque.

Check me out, using my college degree in English!

I am home from work, back on the couch where I belong. Where are my minions? I need someone to fetch me a cocktail.

Lori said...

Sorry I am arriving sooo late for the party!!! I do like to make a big entrance.

A couple of things.

I am still PISSED to this day that I had to walk home that night after the railroad tracks. At least I got us a ride. And John, it was very cold outside, that was why I was bitching so much.

It is official!!!! Ann is my new Bff. Whether she likes it or not.It isn't easy to find someone who understands "Stripes" humor.

"Where the hell is Innsbrooke, Austria? We're so damn lost"

John, get ready, it is time for a mani, pedi. Go get another bottle of wine and we are set.

Then it usually turns to a pillow fight and next thing ya know, all the girls make out. Now I got your attention.

Lori said...

Ohh I forgot. John, that was not our first date!!!

Let me jog your memory.

Rug burns.

Thats all I'm saying

Ann said...

"We're not homosexuals, but we are willing to learn."

Tell me you can do Caddyshack lines and I'm dragging you to Massachussets and MARRYING you.

Tell the rug burn story, BFF!
O please, tell the the story!

Lori said...

Ann, I do not want to disappointe you. I have seen Caddyshack, but cannot remember a single line!!!
I will rent it this weekend and have hillarious things to say.

Are we still O.K?

The Rug Burn Story??!!!

I was kinda hoping that John would chime in here and help me out.
Kinda a blur....

I gotta go and take my youngest to a soccer scrimmage. I will drink some wine and beer and try to connect the dots. Or just make up a bunch of shit and have John agree with me.

Check your e-mail grasshopper, I feel some drunk e-mailing heading your way

Rose said...

Feeling young and left out, as usual. John, VORN is very appropriate onomatopoeia for laser shooting, so read more comic books or something. (yes I had to look up onomatopoeia, I'll learn to spell that one on my own one day, one glorious day).

Where's the making out? Where? I'm all in!



John said...

Damn, I love this blog.

I'm calling Del right now, he has no idea what he's missing.

Lori and I met when we both rushed into a burning orphanage to save the young, blind orphans.

I guess the rug was on fire, or something.

I try to put all of my charitable deeds immediately out of my mind, give them directly up to Baby Jebus, you know?

Now you girls behave.

Ann said...

In my experience of the world, when a boy says "Now you girls behave" what he *really* means is "Dear gob, I hope there are batteries in the video camera!"

Lori, we're still okay *if* I get another hillarious drunken email from you tonight. I live for those now, you know.

and Rose...as *if* anything could happen without you! There will be NO making out until Rose is ready!

Orphans, Clancy? Really? I was born at night, but not last night. Saving liquor bottles? I could buy that. Orphans...not so much.

Unless you and Lori sold them afterward or something.