Thursday, July 03, 2008

getting off the grid

Me and Spitfire are dropping low for a few days.

Has nothing to do with that recent crime spree, I swear.

Stupid surveillance camera.

Some good response to the Subway Make-out scheme, thanks all. We'll put that together late July, probably. In a week, Nancy and I have to get onstage and the week after that we need to polish up The Event, so it's going to start jumping around here.

About 232 years ago a bunch of people sat down in the July heat of Philadelphia and cooked up this country.

Well done, boys.

I'm going to be out there this week-end being as American as the law allows, which is a pretty open road. Cocktails, cigarettes, probably some explosives will be involved and don't get me started on my summer attire or the strange, wispy, salt-and-pepper whiskers beginning to obscure my crooked grin.

Fish got to swim, right?

Enjoy, I'll check back in on Monday.

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