Friday, July 11, 2008

see you all tomorrow, right?

2:00 at the Barrow Street Theater for the big Convocation and then 7:30 for Nigromantia.

Big revival hoe-down rally action and then see if Spitfire learned all her lines and what John would look like if he were a miner back in 1849.

Whiskers and such.

Quiet day. Afternoon tech. Morning writing.

Had a meeting with the Armando Perez Community Center folks last night. Good to see the old guard still fighting. That building got sold seven years ago and because of a handful of activists and artists, it's still in play.

Viva Charas.

Viva Armando.

Viva Loisada.

Some people don't know when to quit, and those are the people you want on your side.

I'll see all of you tomorrow and fill you in on the details.


Heather said...

In a dumb movie last night on TV an actor said something to the effect of "If you never give up then you can never lose".

It was meant as love advice, but I think it applies to the "good fight" in show business just as well.

Ann said...

I don't know *how* to quit. Seriously. I don't. I usually have to be wrestled to floor and chloroformed.

What I *do* know is how to make the enemy quit. Useful talent, that.

Enjoy the day, my friend. Wish I could be there.

Lori said...

There is a time to "quit" and a time to forge ahead with gusto. There are only a couple of things that I "quit" recently. I think you will agree with me.

I quit playing soccer this year. It started out as "fun" and moved quickly to aggressive. No one wanted to play goalie, so I did.
I got kicked in the hand and face one too many times.
"Hey Ladies, I do have to work tommorrow, and can't afford a broken limb" I know these people!!
Soccer Mom's can be tough.

I have also decided to quit having birthdays. So on March 9th, it will just be a normal day. ( write that down). No songs, cake or candles. I do accept gifts or cash. In case my mom is reading this!!!!!!

But that is about it. I am sure there are many things my kids would like for me to quit, but I'm not gonna.

Ann, When picking teams I would pick you first. Doesn't matter.
Red rover, hopscotch, dodge ball or roe-sham-bo. I want you on my team!!!

I am pretty sure I would even pick John to be on my team. He isn't the most athletic person, but we would have fun losing!!!

Have a good one!!!

John said...

"Not the most athletic person"?

I'll have you know I won the Canoe Paddle Award in 1975 at Camp Crystal Creek. Best canoe paddler out of what had to be 50 12 year old kids.

The best, Lori.

I'd quit smoking but it's one of the only things I've really mastered over the years.

Lori said...

My bad John. I didn't mean to imply that you were not athletic.
What I meant was that at some sort of game you would be good, possibly better if you didn't have a smoke and a scotch in each hand.

If both of your hands were free, then you would be the most athletic.

Come to think of it,
I have seen you run faster than a cougar when dining and dashing at Uncle Bills. That was truelly an amazing feat to watch.

So I stand corrected and owe you an apology.

I completely forgot about all of the awards and trophies displayed in your room. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!!!!

My bad again.

Have a great weekend

John said...


Like a cougar she said.

Imagine a cougar smoking a Maverick and sipping some Scotch and that's pretty much me.

Always ready, but hoping to God that there's no reason to run.

showard said...

my god! what a beautiful night! I finally met
eve and would'nt ya know she was born a feminist
Adam loved her for it, or in spite of it, not sure there
and I learned Jesus lived by the dump,
amen. the Clancy Walsh. viva

John said...

Thanks for coming out, Susan.

We do have fun out there under the lights.