Wednesday, July 09, 2008

advertisements for myself

Saturday the 12th is a big day.

At 2 PM over at the Barrow Street Theater I'll be talking to people for the first time in my official capacity as Executive Director of the League of Independent Theater, as part of New York Theatre Experience's second Independent Theater Convocation. Lots of folks have RSVP'd, come down if you can.

And about five hours later we premiere Nigromantia: A Slight Return at the Undergroundzero Festival down at the soon-to-be-shuttered Collective Unconscious. If you want to see me onstage and with what passes for a beard, then that's the time and place to do it. We're playing again on Sunday, July 13, but you want to be there for the first night.

Tickets and info at


Also, the T-shirts are online. We cut a deal with our pals at FringeNYC to provide some merch for the festival and the participants and we're selling our own stuff as well. should be the link.

I saw Matt Oberg balance a chair on his chin momentarily last night. It was pretty cool.

Then I drank much whiskey with Zack Calhoun and Susan Ferrara. Don't know how many "r"s Susan has in her name, so I'm going with the standard three.

Rehearsing today, a little writing, and then the big opening night party for the festival tonight.

One could mistake my weeks for work if one wasn't paying close attention.

I try to never make that mistake.

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Ann said...

*I* want to see you onstage with a beard!

I also want a Clancy Productions hoodie.

And a free Tibet. See, it's not all about me. I'm a giver.