Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sorry for the Claude Raines routine. Having a rough time getting into the rhythm of classes and the commute. It's starting to sort itself out, so...

I think the next logical and easily achievable step is to send the draft mission statement of this League idea around to all the 99 seat venue owner/operators and all of the theater companies that regularly work in those venues. Broaden the conversation and hear from the people directly working under the conditions we're talking about.

And as far as the Equity Showcase reform conversation, if you haven't yet, go to the Equity site and look at the LA 99 seat theater plan. Paul Bargetto tipped me to it way back when and I can't think of any good reason it wouldn't work in New York.

More soon.

Also, can anyone tell me how to add links to this site?

It's a wonder they let me walk around unsupervised...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

and we're back

Hey folks.

I started a teaching gig down in Glassboro, NJ a week after getting back in town and it's been a true ass-kicking experience. My ass being the one getting kicked. It's a 3 hour commute, one way. So I found a room in a house off campus and I'll be living down there Sundays through Thursdays for the next six weeks while I direct the first show of the semester.

So I'm semi-back.

Let's talk about the League. Still a good idea?

I make the move down to Glassboro tomorrow, so may not re-surface for a couple of days.

Hope all's well with all.