Thursday, April 24, 2008

a very good Bad Christmas

Rocked the house last night.

There's still some work to be done (Bill), but all in all I think we have a show. The plan is to produce it here in New York around the holidays.

Scott Morfee has another plan, but Scott, of course, is a notorious madman and must be watched closely at all times.

Saw some people last night that I hadn't seen with mine own eyes for far too long, although they're always in my mind. Laura Zambrano showed up with Barnes and Noble swag a-plenty, intended for Nancy, I think, but we'll see.

And Dan Jagendorf, original designer of the Americana Absurdum pulley-clip light system, shows up and in the bar afterwards we came to the unsettling realization that we've known each other for 26 years.

26 years.

That's long enough to have a kid and for the kid to have a kid, as Dykstra unhelpfully pointed out.

Dan pointed out that we always used contraception, so...

And the big news yesterday was that except for the Captain Overlord's Folly presentation August 20 and 21, we won't be bringing anything to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer. Lots of reasons, but end of the day, it's the right decision. Gives us a summer here in America for a change.

Doors close, windows open.

And we keep jumping through those windows, seeing if this time we can fly.


Rose said...

John, Fabulous seeing you two last night. Really energizing to see Nancy up there, doing her thing, super crazy wild poweful woman as always. No change, no compromises. She's amazing. Ok, quick notes. Really, had no particular criticisms other than the overall, 'It needs something'. Like when you're making pasta sauce and your hand is hovering over the spice rack but you can't decide which spice to use. You know it needs something but you're not sure what. Favorite parts: "JoJo, my joy weed, I will smoke it now!" "Tis the --------, of the apocalypse!" (no spoilers), the igloo car, and the use of ------ as the pivotal prop piece in the denoument. Yay. I want to see it performed! Also, sometimes hearing someone describe action is just way better than seeing it. You always lose a little bit of hilarity on those counts when it's actually performed. Like the line "Jo Jo dies". And the rest of the similar lines. Killed me every time.

John said...

Thanks, Rose. I'm getting good and pretty consistent feedback, so we'll sit down sometime next week and see what we see.

Funny as hell, though. And to get a crowd like that laughing feels so good.

Usually we just make them really uncomfortable and force them to think about the world.

Good to work on a crowd-pleaser, even though they have to watch Santa die.

Damn. Did I just give away something...?

jacquelyn said...

john, i loved seeing Bad Christmas in it's third reading incarnation and it gets wilder and wilder. I liked that The Mrs. Clause seemed to have a bit more heart this time, and that Bill was able to exercise the lip-syncing bravado boasted about in his special-skills resume.
But what I demand MOST for the actual production is that Greg Kotis continues to appear onstage each night, perhaps hiding behind the Christmas tree ala Cyrano de Bergerac, to prompt Milo to great dramatic heights.
thanks for another hilarious night out!! best of luck.
-jacquelyn landgraf

John said...


He's a little scamp, that one.

And Milo's pretty cute, too.

Mike said...

That was really fun--I was really glad to take part, enjoyed myself a ton. Thanks again!


John said...

Well done, Mike. And everyone should sprint, not run, to Mike's show at the Public.

Heap big debate-generator and all that.