Wednesday, April 02, 2008

time line

So we're making some progress over here.

Little Miss Teapot took her last walk down the red carpet yesterday morning, waved to the cameras, turned quickly (knocking down a few people standing a little too close) and then got out of that ridiculous contraption. She has re-emerged as the self-dubbed Teacup, wearing a much smaller, lighter and most importantly, removable splint.

Splint on. Splint off.

Doesn't have to sleep in it.


If all goes to plan, they'll look at the Integra site again on Friday, wrap her back up, look at it again on Tuesday the 8th and if it's looking right, they'll do the graft on Wednesday the 9th. Five days later, Monday the 14th, she's returned to the world.

So at least we have a time line.

Jackie McGlone from Edinburgh-ways came by yesterday with the most beautiful slippers I've ever seen. I was a little disappointed when I realized that they were for Nancy, not for your faithful correspondent, but still, it was nice.

I just waited until Teacup was in a morphine dream and convinced her that they were mine. Nothing to it.

Also, Elena K. Holy, Keeper of the Fringe, dropped off a DVD of Nan Fans speaking to the camera. She was too zonked to look at it last night, but I'm sure she's seen it by now. They get her up around 5:00 up there.

Can't tell you how much it means for her to know people are loving her from up close and afar. It does so much good.

Rehearsing my Doll House Subversion this morning over at Barrow Street. Really important for me to keep my head in some Art during the day. I can feel the Sociopathic Surge creeping in when too much time goes by and I'm not thinking about the stage.

I just get all bitey.

Huge thanks to Sheila Head for taking some of the weight off me and Special Clown Friend Barb Pitts, master of the Fly-By.

And Sanjay and Amy, of course. I swear, if I got hit by an asteroid those two would have a binder with all of the information I would need to know about asteroids in my hands that afternoon. With a funny picture on the cover. And I would actually be able to understand it.

We've got our own damned Research Department here at the Museum, kids.

And hell, everyone. We've got nuns in St. Louis and pagans in New Zealand on our side and the whole wide ragged spectrum in-between.

It's going to work out fine.


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