Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brutality 101


An extraordinary day yesterday with the students of Rowan (or the riders of Rohan, as I like to call them).

Ran a stereotype or stock character workshop in the morning and then got into the brutality stuff in the afternoon and evening. They were some game little bastards, let me tell you. Nancy and Melissa and Wil and Melanie Stewart and I were the grown-ups in the room, but we were just keeping up.

If you watched the exercises with the sound off, without any context, you would have thought it was some kind of very formal sex game initiation and that level was certainly there, impossible for it not to be, I guess, but the students really went deep, without much prompting, and it was just an amazingly emotional and powerful day. Learned a lot for the second act of Overlord.

Going back this morning for a wrap-up. Campus security is probably waiting in Visitors Parking for us.

Ah well. One must suffer for one's art, right?

Heading back home this afternoon, much to do as always.

And yes, damn, Ann, Living Things it is.

Rose, you're cute when you guess and you got a cheesesteak out of the deal, so don't give up now.

And Matt and Tim, I'm a Knicks fan, so ranking on the Eagles is just my way of coping.


Ann said...

I'm officially changing my name to Damn Ann...

Rose said...

Sweet! Cuteness is my new 'Way of the Samurai', when I reach black belt I will melt retinas with my cute (concentrating and using brain waves to generate cute at you RIGHT NOW!).

Rose said...

PS: When can I collect the cheesesteak?

John said...

Damned Ann was actually the name of one of the most influential Parisian rebels who built the theoretical groundwork and popular awareness that led to the French Revolution.

Unless I'm just making that up.

Cuteness powers on one, Rose.



You'll have to talk to That Damn Ann about the cheesesteak, it's waiting here and if no one picks it up by tonight I'm eating the damned thing.