Wednesday, April 16, 2008

back to bidness

We're all about the home care here at the Museum.

Home care is like home-schooling, with a lot more white wine thrown into the mix.

Never met a home-schooled kid who wasn't just a little bit off.

Sorry, Bri, but it's true.

Spitfire is hanging tough, healing, starting to bitch about the little things, so we're getting back on track.

Some things I did during the month Walsh was Inside:

1. Patched the rug that got burnt.
2. Made the bed every morning.
3. Spent thirty bucks a day on cabfare.
4. Lost three checks that I should have deposited.
5. Found them a week later in my wallet.
6. Found the way to write the opening to my textbook on Acting, something I've been taking notes for for two years now.
7. Went to the gym every weekday except for the days Nan was getting worked on in the shop.
8. Memorized the hallway leading to 8 South, got to master that hallway, owned that hallway.
9. Drank a lot of good Scotch whiskey.
10. Read and actually understood half of A Thousand Plateaus.
11. Cried like a man (suddenly, explosively, full-on for about fourteen seconds and then a quick twist of the waterworks and shut it back off)
12. Got board-certified as a Burn Nurse in the State of New York.

That last one was only in my mind, but I believe it counts.

And I didn't really cry, of course. Not me, Bud.

I'm made of iron.

And hydrogen, or something. Can't remember.

Now we're getting ready for the Grand Re-Opening of the Dime Museum. Blowing up the balloons, dusting off the dioramas, teaching the old horses the new tricks.

We're going to have hot dogs.

Spring is busting out all over here in Rat City. Flowers blooming and the garbage has that springtime smell to it. People in short sleeves yelling at each other, as opposed to all of that winter hat-wearing shouting that gets old after four months.

We've got shows to rehearse and theaters to build and meetings to fall asleep in and many words to write down and polish.

Back to bidness, by god.


Ann said...

Jules! Dammit, Jules would have made a *great* name for the dog, why didn't you cough it up sooner? He answers to Lou now...or Loo, which is how my husband insists on spelling it. The dog is British, after all...

John said...

Most dogs are British, aren't they? Except for the German and the Chinese ones.

Empires breed dogs.

Something deep there.

Ann said...

All dogs are British...

...except the ones that aren't.

I'm hard pressed to come up with a country that *doesn't* have a dog. Lichtenstein, maybe?

John said...

Lichtenstein is not technically a country. It's a park on the outskirts of Bavaria, I believe. The Bavarians like to tell the people that live in the park that they live in another country, because the people in the park believe the Bavarians when they say this and this greatly amuses the Bavarians.

What about the Lichtenstein Royal Terrier breed, one of whom actually ruled from 1534-1542?

Passed a lot of laws about smells and abolished leashes.

Ann said...

True story: I have a friend who has a very unusual looking mixed breed dog, and she routinely tells people this dog is a Bavarian Goat Hound, and they nod wisely and tell her he's beautiful. For the record: he's not.

Lichtenstein is a country, I promise. You can trust me. I'm super smart and I would never, ever make something like that up. Nope.

And you know that Royal Terrier was smarter than the cat we've got running the show these days...

Kirsten said...

A phrase and a sentence:

1. German shepherd

2. Lichtenstein is a principality.

John said...

Lichtenstein is a park, I tell you.

Just don't tell the Lichtensteiners. It ruins all the fun.

And remember a couple of years ago when The Good German and The Good Shepherd came out like within weeks of each other?

I was dying to shoot and release a documentary where we just followed a German shepherd around for two hours and then call it The Good German Shepherd. How many tickets would we have sold to unwitting movie-goers? Would have made a mint and the movie would have only cost the price of the film and a few Milkbones.

Opportunities lost...

Kirsten said...

Matt Damon in a dog suit eating a Bavarian cream doughnut? Here's my $10.50, Mister!

Ann said...

I saw Matt Damon in that...he was actually pretty good.