Saturday, April 05, 2008

better questions

Back from a long day at New York Presbyterian.

She's doing great. A day made full and quick with friends, gifts, family, laughter and Percocet.

People have been asking why these things happen.

I realize more, every day, that why is just not a useful question. It doesn't lead anywhere or it leads everyone to a different place and there you sit alone with your question. The question takes some to a place of refuge and that's good. But it seems to take most people to a place of weakness, pain and impotent anger.

There are other questions.


How do I proceed?

When does the cafeteria close?

What happens next?

Where can I smoke?

Who is in worse trouble right now, and

What can I do to help?

These are questions you can actually get answers to, I've found, if you keep asking them.

You can spend your life on why and the best you're going to end up with is someone else's educated guess.

And Del, if you're reading, I saw that Asian guy you were talking about and yes, he does have a lovely bunch of coconuts.

I thought you were just screwing around, but, yeah, I see what you mean.


Ann said...

Speaking of that Asian guy's coconuts - please don't negelect to tell Del I spent Saturday night watching Debbie Does Dallas with my blonde gymnast girlfriend. And yes, his name *did* come up during the subsequent pillow fight.

More details when that porn site's up and running. Del was right about the money to be made there.

Kirsten said...

Dear John,

I, Julie Anders, recently received a call from a scary woman named Ann, who insisted I come to a hospital room and sing "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Climb Every Mountain." She also called my friend Julianne Drews and that politician Giuli-Ani. When I told her that singing in public is something I can't face, she actually said to me, "What is it, you CUNT-FACE?"!!

Now, was that appropriate??

Continued love and admiration to you and the Tarte Flambee. Also, my heartfelt wishes for more good liquor and drugs. For you two, I mean.

Julie A and Kirsten

John said...

Man, you guys work blue.

I've got children reading this Comments section.

And many people with the emotional and intellectual capacities of children.