Friday, April 18, 2008

all that money

I know that for most of you, just like me and Nan, one of the biggest problems at the end of the week is what to do with all of that extra cash.

It just piles up even if you put it in bags and then you have to stack the bags in the corner of the room and you can't stack them that high or they start tipping over and sliding all around and it's just a mess.

Sure, you can try to spend it all, but invariably, come Friday, there's just more of it sitting there in the way.

It's a modern problem that doesn't get addressed enough, I feel.

One solution is to send some of it to:

The Cornell Burn Center
525 E. 68th Street, Box 137
New York City, NY

These are the people who took care of our own Spitfire McGee, nursing her back to health and relative sanity. The fund goes completely to the Unit, mostly for research and support.

I didn't write about the actual Unit much over the last month, but it's a pretty amazing place. One of the great features is that in the Wing Nan was, 8 South, they keep all of the pediatric burn patients together, so there's this band of little burnt peanuts roaming the halls, padding around in their pajamas, completely unaware that they're burn patients, just being kids. Makes all of the adults forget about their own pain for a moment.

Anyway, if you send some of that surplus money to the Burn Center and include your information, they'll send you back a letter you can use for your taxes next year.

It might put a dent in all of that damned money, anyway.

Just trying to help out.


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John said...

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Ann said...

That's right, John - you're no Ann Romney.