Monday, April 14, 2008

the return

Lovely spring morning here in Rat City. Doctor Bessey told us yesterday that today is the day.

We'll see. I'm taking a tip from the old Muslim boys: when speaking of any future event, tag "God willing" at the end.

Or Gob willing, if you prefer.

Couldn't sleep last night, thinking that she might be home today.

Also, had to haul out all the empty whiskey bottles and chase out the prostitutes.

What's with prostitutes these days? Used to be they'd just steal your wallet and leave you in peace, now they're hanging out, eating all your cereal, leaving their underwear drying in the shower, it's just no good.

MMMQ on this most eventful day (Gob willing) tests not so much your musical knowledge as your psychic ability.

When I was a kid, playing with my sisters in the red brick house on Washington Avenue and something would go wrong in whatever game we were playing and I'd run to my room and slam the door and cry and yell, there was one song that my sisters would put on the old eight-track player that I couldn't hear and not come back out and stand in front of the speakers. It always brought me back.

What got little Johnny back in the game? Was it:

1. Mr. Tambourine Man, by Mr. Dylan

2. Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel

3. Crunchy Granola Suite, Neil Diamond

4. Mm-Bop, Hanson

Do the mind-meld with me now and the answer should be right there.

I'm going to go put it on right now and see if anyone's up for a game of freeze tag.


Ann said...

If the answer's not Cecelia, it ought to be.

Nan. Home. Excellent.

Seriously, that just makes me happy past speech.

Ann said...

All day long "Cecilia" has been playing on the stereo in my head, John. Only these lines:

Oh Cecilia
I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please
to come home
Come on home

Home. Is there a finer word on Gob's earth?

BethMc said...

That was also my guess. Cecilia. Love that song.

Today's also my brother's birthday (the 14th). I gave him two cards last week for his surprise b'day dinner, both Gary Larson cards: one from me, to "My Brudder"; the other not from me, per se, but from anyone and everyone I could find to sign his card. I approached strangers in the street and asked them, "Would you sign a birthday card for my brother?" Usually met with the response: "Do I know your brother?" To which I'd reply, "No, but that's okay, he doesn't know you either." Only three people turned me down - weirdos. I got the coffee shop people to sign it, and the ladies who run the Indian food restaurant, and the hippy chick who runs the gift store, and college kids studying, and high school guys trying to look like college kids. I kept going 'til I ran out of signing room inside the card.

My brother loved it.

I'm glad you're home Nan, John's been needing you. Yay Gob! And Jebus, mustn't forget Jebus...

John said...

Wow. I totally forgot about Jebus.

Love that card bit.

Making love in the afternoon
With Cecilia up in my bedroom
(Making love)
I get up to wash my face
When I come back to bed,
Someone's taken my place

Man, that line fascinated me as a kid.

Ann said...

You know Paul Simon wrote it about his dog, right?

John said...

Why put that image in my head?

Why do that?

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