Wednesday, April 09, 2008

good news


She did great.

She's a champ and so are all of you.

More after many hours of sleep.


Ann said...

So are you, John.

No smart-ass remarks or cutting observations, I'm just thrilled and relieved that things went so well. Nan's the very definition of amazing.

Go sleep. Much love to you both.

Rose said...

Oh John! I'm so glad!!! Call me today so I can visit the wonderful fireball! I tried to get ahold of you a few days ago and I got nada. But obviously, sleep is first and foremost, so nite nite. :D (But call me for visiting!) Moo

BethMc said...

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The sun was shining. People were smiling and holding doors for one another. I saw drivers waving other drivers into traffic (a rarity, so I KNEW something magical must've been going on).

Yay Nan!!!!

Yay John!!!

And now for something completely different; I spent last summer grading end-of-year essays written by 8th-graders, and some of them were doozies! So, just for a little giggle, I thought I'd share this one with everyone:

"Martin Luther King, Jr. got his ideas on nonviolence from somebody named Gumby."

(bet you didn't know that)

John said...

Thanks, guys.

Rose, just come on by. Afternoons are best, gets a little crazy after 5:30.

But she'll be home and entertaining guests come Monday, Tuesday at the outside.

Gumby was a true man of Gob, there's no doubt.

Ann said...

The USPS returned that package I sent, John. Should I send it back to you, or just...I don't know, mail it to Rose?

I'd really like to just bring it down in person. I wonder if Jim would miss me if I disappeared again this weekend....

John said...

You stay with your man, gobdamnit.

He's a good, Gob-fearing man and he needs his wife-help.

If you know what I mean.

Asian guy? What?

Send it to...


If you can hang onto it for a few days, I can get Amy and Sanjay's address and you can send it to them. They're two blocks away, only they have a doorman.

Two blocks make all the difference sometimes.

Ann said...

"He needs his wife-help" Is *so* going to be new code in my house!!!

"I'm sorry, Ann can't come to the phone right now, she's giving her man some wife-help".

Again with the Asian guy? I had just gotten that mental image out of my head, now it's lodged in there again. Wide stance, indeed.

I shall hold onto the package until I receive further instruction. Hurry, though, the goldfish I sent to cheer Nan up are probably getting hungry.

Rose said...

PS: Ann you can always send me packages. I can't guarantee that half the whiskey won't be drunk tho. That ok John? :D


John said...


You little whiskey-thief.