Thursday, April 10, 2008

I get by with a little help...


Big Lesson learned this week:

A support network is useless unless you let it support you every once in awhile.

I'm all fiercely independent most of the time, hate to ask for help, and Walsh is twenty times worse but some things you can't do alone and most things are better if you share the weight.

Share the load and you get to share the story.

Early days of the Fringe taught us that, of course, but we've morphed into a two-hander these last few years.

It's been nice, just Scrappy Jack and the Fireball Kid riding into town at the top of the episode, meeting people, getting into adventures, solving crimes while making wry quips and then learning a Valuable Lesson at the end.

Roll credits.

We make a good team. But it's good to have an army when you get into the deep trouble.

They've tea-potted her again, the Return of the Teapot Queen. The "donor site" up on her left thigh hurts the most right now but she's back on the PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesic for those not in Nurse Training) so she can dope herself up at will. This is day one, we're counting up to five and then it's Great Escape time.

I swear I'm stealing a motorcycle from a German soldier and driving her across a field and I'm jumping over that barbed wire fence if I have to.

If McQueen had had Nancy on the back of that bike he would have made it, too.

So praise Buddha and his little brother Christ and all of the dancing good things around them.

I can see a shaft of daylight and I'm tunneling towards that bastard.

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