Thursday, April 03, 2008


The only bad thing about all of the birds in the morning is how they cause the cat to fling herself, scrabbling and scratching, at the ever-closed window. Whatever is between her and the window (books, vases, glasses of orange juice) goes flying. I don't even think the birds notice, but it's big drama in here.

The cat lives in hope. A dim, tiny-brained hope.

Walsh was amazing yesterday. She called me around 7:30 AM and she was entirely herself. Slept about 16 hours Tuesday night and that's how you heal.

I boosted a pair of those thin hospital pajama bottoms last week, hanging around the apartment in them now. So comfortable.

Cat's getting ready to launch. It's like we're out on the veldt about to eat some antelope.

Starting to pivot back into some work this week. Great rehearsal for the Ibsen thing with Emily Loeb and Ian Alda yesterday. Doing the final scene, except they're both tied to chairs, bound and gagged. Lines will be recorded and played on two separate tape decks in front of them. Heart-breaking scene, haven't heard it in a long time.

Anyone got two tape decks? Would love those old-fashioned ones from the 70s, remember those? The flat ones?

In sports news, the New York Knickerbockers lost a close one last night to St. Dymphna's Girls Prepatory in double-overtime. Those sixth-graders are pretty fierce. You wouldn't think that a bunch of blind girls could beat a professional basketball team, but, you know...

We are talking about the New York Knicks.

Lori from Eureka sent Nan all of the candy in the world. Must be a lot of crying kids and dentists out there this morning.

And a resplendent Buddha from Amy and Sanj now hangs on Nan's hospital wall.

Cat's lost interest, asleep on the bed.

Enjoy the day wherever you are, it makes the time go faster.


Ann said...

I have a dual cassette's part of my *awesome* pioneer stereo system. I mean, this thing kicked much ass in 1986, darlin.

You know what else I have? A DVD of The Sound of Music.

And a really deep need to see you & Nan.

John said...

Give a call tomorrow, 917.539.3153.

Ann said...

What's with the british phone dots? When did the dashes become uncool? I didn't get that memo, and that worries me.

John said...

Is that British? Am I becoming British? My own Irish blood will drown me, as it should.

Just easier, I think.

Blimey, I don't know.

travsd said...

Hey John Radio Shack has those old school flat tape decks believe it or not. For years I searched in vain to find that very basic item. Apparently they're making them again for whatever reason

John said...

Thanks for the tip, Trav. Retro audio equipment, why not? Turntables came back big, after all.