Monday, April 28, 2008

philadelphia freedom

I write to you from the semi-swank lobby of the Four Points, a Sheraton outfit out by the Philadelphia airport. Drove down here yesterday with Spitfire at the wheel, young Wil Petre in the backseat. Urcioli had to beg off at the last minute, something to do with his trick knee. Melissa Lynch joins us out at Rowan University this morning and we begin the descent into the brutality/violence workshop we've designed to start thinking about the second act of Captain Overlord's Folly.

Either we'll learn a lot and get some art done, or we'll all be arrested for corrupting minors.

Either way, should be an interesting day.

Fun to be back here in America proper and a beautiful drive down yesterday.

Great work done on the League of Independent Theater front on Saturday, thanks all. We're close to an official launch of the organization, still some details and things to think through.

Amazing meeting with an architect on Friday about the Liberty Theater and how to preserve the history while turning it back into a very active theater complex.

Yes, that's still in play, folks.

Many balls stayed in the air while Nancy was Inside, surprisingly few of them dropped.

MMMQ is sponsored by my brother-in-law Tom this morning. About three months ago he loaded up my Ipod with all sorts of good stuff, like sixty or seventy albums, no lie. I haven't listened to half of them yet, but I tried one out on Friday and I've got a brand new obsession.

So, whose album Ahead of the Lions blew my tiny little mind on Friday, especially the anthem Bom Bom Bom? Was it:

1. Sentient Beings

2. Living Things

3. Live Nude Girls

4. Barenaked Ladies?

Cheesesteaks for the winner, Philadelphia Eagle's season tickets for those who fail.


Freeman said...

How dare you talk about the Eagles that way?

Oh...who am I kidding?

Tim Errickson said...

That joke used to be "Sixers season tickets", but the times they are a changin...

Ann said...

Okay...your turn to get out of MY head. I was listening to The Living Things on my way in to work this morning. They rock almost as hard as your wife does.

Give my cheesesteak to Rose. I want to savor the taste of victory as long as humanly possible.

Rose said...

I like the idea of Sentient Beings writing songs and telling the world that they think and live! You know, I really am too young for these things. Most of these I fail all over the place. In a sort of sloppy, gross way. Eww.

titivil said...

The answer is "21st Century Schizoid Man".

Though I forget what the question is.