Monday, April 07, 2008

home stretch?

The good Dr. Yurt (that's not a typo) has seconded Dr. Bessey's timeline and our Teacup is tentatively scheduled for the graft on Wednesday. That would get her home on Monday the 14th, barring all weirdness.

As all show people know, it's not over until you're in the bar afterwards lying about it, but we might just be looking at the last act.

That would put her Inside for 29 nights, 28 days.

Holy Christ on a gurney.

I'm doing my Doll House subversion tonight at Dixon Place as part of the Little Theater salon. 8 PM at 258 Bowery, down between Houston and Prince. It's billed as The Last Seven Minutes of A Doll House, timed out last night at rehearsal to closer to nine. But that's what makes it a subversion, you understand? Come on down and give Dixon Place twelve dollars if you love Nancy Walsh. If you can't make it for any reason (work, another show, you live in New Zealand, etc.) then I'll know that you don't really love Nancy Walsh and I'll tell her so.

Man, that's low, huh?

Got to fill those seats.

The MMMQ this morning was going to be all about the art and practice of the didgeridoo, but it turns out that typing "didgeridoo" is the most amusing thing about the topic and I can do that without any extra research whatsoever.

Have to manage my time these days.

So, instead, we're going to put on our powdered wigs and then our thinking caps on top of those and ponder this one:

Mozart was born in 1756.
Beethoven in 1770.

What year did Bach appear on the planet?

If you're within twenty years (Price is Right rules in effect, if you're over you lose) you get a prize. If you bull's eye it, you get a big prize.

All prizes are subject to delay in delivery, disappointment in performance and over-all operational failure.

Just like in real life.


Ann said...

Hey, what do you call the three century anniversary of something? A tri-centennial? Because I seem to remember having cake for Bach when I was in high school...which means this MMMQ *has* turned into a math SAT problem, because now I have to subtract. Clancy, you diabolical genius~! I'll get back to you after I find a pencil, some paper, a cup of coffee and maybe an abacus.

BethMc said...

Bach appeared upon the scene and started hawking those flower remedies earlier than either of those two hacks.

From my headquarters here in North Carolina, I am reposting Scrappy Jack blogs and updates and making people read them who don't even know you or Nancy - I vouch for you both, then do my best imitation of Lucy VanPelt shaking her fist at Charlie Brown, tellin' 'em, "Think good thoughts. Think happy fuzzy bunny thoughts. And do it for John and Nancy. Now."

I have good people on my side, so they humor me by pretending to be properly frightened, when really they're laughing at my bravado - I'm cool with that, as long as they're thinking happy horse thoughts about Nancy.

Of course, if they wanna throw anyone else into their prayers (solicitations, requests, invocations, petitions, and/or entreaties) that's up to them, but I've become the pusher of positive vibrations for you guys here in the southeast (I didn't know if you had this area covered or not, so I figgered I should step in anyway - besides, a little overlap of territories wouldn't hurt).

Happy Horse Thoughts,
(of the Nicole Poole party)

Erez said...

Sebastian Bach Formerly of the band Skid Row, formerly the Broadway super celeb filling the role of both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde celebrated his 40th birthday only 4 days ago, making the official year of his appearance on the plant 1968. the other Bach was born in 1685, if you take the number 4 (as in four days ago) and add it to the last digit in 1685, then move the resulting 9 two spaces to the left (as in 2 genii of music) or vis verse, then you get the same number. Coincidence? I think not!

John said...

Well, I think we have a winner.

Ann said...

I can't beat the Skid Row reference, not even gonna try.

In other news...the dog seems to be answering to Lou.

John said...


Thanks for organizing the Southeast, actually took my eye off of that playing field for awhile.

We got Okies and Injuns on our team now. The other side is just going to forfeit if this keeps up.