Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the winners are...

Forgot to give the answer to the quiz.

Battle Creek Cereal Box Community College exists only in my mind, but its a beautiful, beautiful campus. Folks sit around eating Cap'n Crunch all day.


Nasanji Parker said...

that's it? that's the blog? that's what you get paid for? lame. you theater snobs are all the same - think you can write whatever you want and because you will it, you can't believe that normal people hate it. for pete's sake. have you SEEN Mamma Mia? Can't you write something about THAT?

John said...

Haven't seen the show, no, and yet, strangely it haunts my every dream.

When, dear god above, when are they going to give us "Mmmbop" the Hanson Musical and "Thriller" the Michael Jackson Musical and the modern classic "Cherokee Woman" the Cher musical? When Nasanji? Cuz a musical just ain't a musical unless its a ragtag bunch of familiar pop bullshit with a random storyline justifying the songs.

Hammerstein knew that. Rogers, Hart, all the old guys knew that. When did we wander so far off the path?