Tuesday, February 05, 2008

big day

Well, it's here. It's dawned.

Today, February 5th, is Super Bowl/Oscar Night/Kentucky Derby Day for us political junkies. It's never happened before, might not again in my lifetime, 24 states, nationwide, from California to the New York islands, all casting their ballots for four people all with legitimate shots at the nomination. I'm working all day on the Overlord workshop over on Wooster Street then jumping in a cab at 6:00 and hope to be home by the time the polls close.

Here are the headlines in the World-Wide Theatrical Daily News:

Johnny Mac Battles the Mittbot

The human John McCain appears to be pulling ahead of his worthy, if scary, opponent, the intelligent robot from space. The Mittbot, with the strength of ten men and the ability to shoot fire from its eyes, should not be discounted since, after all, its a fucking robot from outer space. When do those things lose, really?

Senator O Confident, Senator Clinton Mad as All Hell

Barack Obama frankly can't believe what may just happen, but he's very, very cool so he's riding it. Hilary Clinton can't believe this shit either, but mostly can't believe that this pup from Illinios is screwing up her shot. Reports from inside the Obama camp say they've put a big sign up above everybody's desk back at headquarters:

Youth and Strength are no match for Age and Treachery.

And they're right, my friends.

What a night this is going to be. Some pundits last night were telling me that it may not even be decided tonight, at least not on the Democrat side. Johnny will probably wake up on Wednesday as the nominee, but Obama and Clinton could wrestle all the way to the convention. O hell yes. Democracy is not a sport, but then again, we're not really a democracy. And it's so goddamned fun to watch.

Amazing day yesterday with the Overlord crew. Eric Davis, aka Red Bastard, gave us a master bouffon class in the afternoon. All I want to do with my life now is study with Eric Davis and perform bouffon. I want to live bouffon. I am bouffon.

Answer to the music quiz, which was greeted with profound indifference from you, faithless reader, is number four, The New Crazies. Mojo Nixon is, of course, the genius preacher turned rockabilly crazy responsible for such classics as "Debbie Gibson is Pregnant (with my Two-Headed Lovechild)" and "I Saw Jesus at McDonalds at Midnight". Screaming Blue Messiahs are an Australian band from a few years back, if you can find their "Wild Blue Yonder", you'll be quite happy. Pay the Man was the bait I thought folks might take, since I don't think they ever actually recorded anything. They were a college band at Oberlin, led by Chris Brokaw, my old buddy who went on to become a modern guitar god with the Boston band Come. They did a punk/thrash version of "Both Sides Now" I can still hear in my head. Brilliant.

Clearly the Monday Morning Music Quiz is a tradition I plan to keep. Writing about music and making up band names is a lot easier than having something to say.

This Friday the LIT Steering Committee meets for what I hope to be the last time. Time to get this thing back out to the larger territory and kick into the next gear.

Wherever you are today, vote. My friend and elder Norman Marshall said that not voting is his way of voting or some such horseshit. Total horseshit. Norm's about 70, so clearly he's starting to dodder. Fucking vote, folks. It's what we do around here.

I am Bouffon.


Ann said...

I was too busy celebrating my birthday yesterday (pause for cheers and applause) to chime on on your music quiz, and it's KILLING me, because I need to redeem myself for being wrong last week. What you need to do is just keep on asking those questions until I get one right.

We could be here a while.

Three Super days in a row: Super Bowl, SuperAnnDay, Super Tuesday. Man, tomorrow's gonna be a major fucking letdown, huh?

I'm saving my vote. Thought about going in before work today, but I decided against it. I decided against it so I could enjoy this feeling of sitting at my desk and speculating about exactly how it's going to feel to step into the booth and pull a lever for someone I respect, someone I actually think has a chance in hell of getting elected...last time that happened I was living in Maine and the vote was for Hill's husband.

Sawone of Hillary's commercials last night, it about broke my heart. She wants it so badly, you know? And the thing is, she probably deserves to get elected...she's put in the time, done more than we have any right to expect. But maybe that's the problem - she's running a campaign about her, her slogan might as well be "It's my turn, I'm ready, HIRE ME ALREADY." Barrack's saying "It's your turn. You want change, you want a shake up, you want me." Brilliant.

Hey, am I talking too much? Maybe I should get my own blog.

John said...

If you get your own blog, it will just be me and Rosie talking to each other over here. Which is fine, but I like your picture.

No one deserves to be elected. Which is why when Gore said to Nader "You took my votes.", Nader rightly answered, "They're not your votes. They're the voters votes."

Even though Nader did, actually, take Gore's votes.

Happy Day, yesterday.

Rose said...


Ann said...

Your "no one deserves to be elected" comment reminded me of a P.J. O'Rourke quote: "In our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents, worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. And when all else fails, we hold an election and assassinate their character."

What, no lampshades for my birthday? Jesus.