Thursday, February 14, 2008

empty well

Got nothing today.

Was going to post an old essay "Steppenwolf Must Die", but can't find it, must be on the old computer. Then I was going to throw down some Kandinsky quote and look all intellectual, but I don't have the time to type it all out.

The Eels fucking well rock. But you probably already know that.

Did some serious re-writes on Overlord last night. I'm a goddamned genius some nights.

This thing on Sunday, the Overlord workshop presentation, you should all come to that. RSVP at Should be fun.

Thinking about doing that awful thing, that "unholy hybrid" as my friends at Stolen Chair Theater would say: a staged reading. Like actually have the poor actors run around with their scripts with blocking and all of that.

Always a mistake. Probably going to do it.

Dressy Bessy also rocks. Never heard of them before last week, now they're my new favorite band.


Hopkins is back to Berlin, beret and all. Sxip is off on the road, playing the South. Fat Bunny sheds more than any animal I've ever known, I'm sitting here covered in white cat fur. Nan's still asleep, have to wake her up so she can run around as a crazy clown in two hours.

Strange life, kids. No complaints on my side.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Nice appearance in Backstage! Not... too... shabby...

John said...

Thanks, Kate. We finally cracked the Big Time. I told Nancy years ago if we only worked about 17 years, relentlessly and to the point of emotional breakdown, we'd make it someday. She didn't believe me, so ha.

Yeah, it was a great piece. First time I've read that paper in years. Seems to be a lot better than I remember.


Ann said...

Hey, how about you post a link to this article so people in the Northern suburbs can read it?

Saw Syracuse Stage's production of Doubt tonight...I was hardly able to concentrate, because I kept checking out the stage for places from which, say *clowns* could appear and disappear. Can't help but think that a few cannibal clowns would have really improved the production...maybe just one, crawling across the stage with a knife clenched in his teeth...

You do get under the skin, Clancy. No Doubt about that...

John said...

Me, post a link, or link a post or whatever it is you said?

Are you mad, woman?

I can type these words. I can put on another CD, since the old one has grown silent. I can pour drinks and light cigarettes.

I can tell a decent joke.

Beyond that, you must talk to the priests and magicians.

Everyone should check out Kate's blog, which I just checked out by magically clicking on her name above. It's called Bliss This, a great name, and it's really, really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ann- I just looked at the website and I'm pretty sure you need a Backstage account to access the article.

John-Thanks :)

Ann said...

Yes,'re right, you *do* need a subscription. So now Backstage goes on my enemies list. Grr.

John's right, your blog is very sweet. Madonnas of Leningrad is a gorgeous book, isn't it? Do you think John will mind if we start a really girly book club right here on his blog?

John said...

Just give me a minute, ladies. I need to slip out of these work togs and into my flannel pajamas, put on my old bunny slippers and get the Very, Very, Very Best of Kenny G. playing softly in the background.

Ah. All right. Ready.

So who is this "Jane Austen" character I keep hearing about?

Ann said...

Yes, *just* like that...only less menopausal, and with way better music and tons of alcohol.

You had just better pray that Oprah doesn't find out about this. She's really touchy about people encrouching on her book club territory...and I believe that current U.S. law allows for Oprah's enemies to be sent to Gitmo.