Monday, February 04, 2008

pray for you, pray for me

The great Joe Henry's Civilians keeps playing through my troubled mind, the perfect chorus repeating:

Pray for you, pray for me
Sing it like a song
Life is short
But, by the grace of God,
The night is long

Ah, it's true.

Hilarious weekend with Ambrose and Mary out on Long Island. Great food, much drink and many, many fires. I appointed myself Fire Marshal and since no one seemed to object, I spent the weekend lugging in logs from the back yard, building the blaze higher and higher, quietly grunting in satisfaction to myself while the other monkeys talked about life and literature. Got right back to that Cro-Magnon part of me where I live most of the time, or wish I could, anyway.

Saw a Times headline this morning:

U.S. Says It Accidentally Killed 9 Iraqi Civilians

Isn't that a bit like Chrysler annoucing they may have made six or seven cars last year? Not sure, have to check our records, but we might have made some SUVs...

Going into the diving bell this morning with the Captain Overlord workshop. Can't even type to you what a joy that's going to be. Like most artists here in America in the 21st century, I spend at least half of my time as Fast Eddie, hustling up games, luring in the fish, setting up the next score. To sit in a clean, large, well-lit room with a bunch of talented, funny people and concentrate on a piece of theater all day gets me right back to who I really am.

Not the Cro-Magnon part, but almost as good.

And here's the Monday Morning Music Quiz, a tradition here at the Museum dating all the way back to last week:

Of the following, which are actual rock n' roll geniuses, fine musicians all, and which did I just make up out of my own muddled mind?

1. Screaming Blue Messiahs
2. Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
3. Pay the Man
4. The New Crazies

No jumping on to Itunes and looking it up, you cheating bastards. Just go with your gut.

I'm off to be an artist, got to find my scarf and beret.


Rose said...

Nice to know someone else thought that headline was ridiculous. My first thought was, 'We're actually admitting to killing civilians? Since when was thought allowed by our Minister of Propaganda?'. PS: Voting feels good. I love the big clunky machines in New York.

John said...

Yeah, love the curtain you have to pull for privacy, too.

On September 12, 2001, a headline on the scroll on CNN said something like "Across America, at airports, in bars and at home, Americans huddle around television sets..." And I thought, you could run that anytime day or night and it would be true.

Rose said...

*snort* Awesome. It's a strangely freeing feeling to no longer have a tv. Though I'm watching my fair share of horror movies these days without Fox 5 news every day.