Thursday, February 28, 2008


Buckley dead.

Well... yeah.

Studio Arena shutting its doors.

Well... sure.

Don't mean to sound jaded or bored with the news today, but...


Both stories are sad for those close to the dead.

Our sympathies should always go towards those grieving.

But then we should find those celebrating something else and something new and ask them what the party's about and can we join in.

Great party last night after a preview of the Beebo Brinker Chronicles, re-opening at 37 Arts next week. The great Leigh Silverman directs a knock-out cast delivering a script put together by Linda Chapman sourced from the original lesbian pulp novels of the late 50s, early 60s. Really great, but the best part for Nancy and me was seeing so many old friends.


Nan said...

Make new friends, sure, but keep the old, yeah, and you know why...that's right cause you your old friends still like you after all your stupid, drunken harangues, your social faux pas, and your incessant complaining.

John said...

Well, they still return your calls, anyway.

Rose said...

I can't imagine ever hating you two because of drunken harangues or social faux pas, that's why I LOVE you!!! :D Jeez. Who would you be without your incredibly endearing wild foibles? PS: Can I stow away in your luggage and go to Edinburgh with you? Please?!!!

John said...

Stowaways are always accepted.