Monday, February 25, 2008

pop quiz Monday

I'll start with the Obligatory Oscar opening.


We watched part of it. Kept flipping around between Mr. Holland's Opus (a very underrated film) and Men in Black and the Oscars. So we missed a lot. But Jon Stewart was very funny.

Someone once said that America only has two High Holy Days: Superbowl Sunday and Oscar Night, when we, as a people, gather around and worship at the twin altars of Violence and Fame.

So I'm some kind of apostate because I can't really get into either one anymore.

On the political beat, here's the only question any pollster should be asking. It hit me yesterday watching Nader announce on Meet the Press.

I don't mean to dumb it down past the point of meaning, but let's remember that most of America isn't even paying attention to the race yet. And most of America probably won't vote in November. So here's how I'd frame the thing:

Which movie do you want to watch, opening January 21st, 2009?

1. Die, Hard, Die! The 15th installment of the Die Hard franchise. Bruce Willis is now 73, still a wise-cracking bad-ass renegade. Same plot as every other one, Al Gore plays the villian.

2. Liberal Warriors: Return of the Queen, the last installment of the trilogy in which a husband and wife take on each other, the world and the Boogie Men of Washington D.C.

3. Third Partytime! A minor Michael Moore film, smart-as-hell as usual, absolutely right on all of its major points, but kind of whiny and boring at times.

4. The really smart, contemporary re-make of Frank Capra's classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, with a new script by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Rob Reiner and starring Will Smith in the Jimmy Stewart role.

Because for most of America, its just a four-year long feature film.

Had a nice little tip of the hat from Isaac Butler and Scott Walters on Friday. Isaac is Parabasis and Scott's blog is Scott's not on my blogroll, but that's just laziness and ineptitude on my part. Scott's one of the Original Gangsters of this whole theater blog world. They both posted part of the Steppenwolf Slam I lazily put up. And I can see from the Comments section that it whipped up a lot of excitement here at home.

You non-commenting bastards.

You just want the big Music Quiz. That's all I am to you, some big fat Monday Morning Music Quizmaster. I work and work and work for you people and all I get is...

Here we go, this one for Annie, all about the good old days. And this one's easy because I'm feeling good. Get out those number 2s.

The seminal English New Wave track Sex and Drugs and Rock 'n Roll was performed by Ian Drury and the

1. Knuckleheads

2. Rising Tide

3. Attractions

4. Blockheads

And let's get tickets to that new Will Smith movie, sounds good, right?


Ann said...

Nice try, throwing Knuckleheads in there...I won't be denied on this one, John. It's Blockheads.

I skipped the Oscars last night (my swan dress is at the cleaners, I didn't want to have to sit next to Jack Nicholson again, Billy Bush gives me hives...pick an excuse) and went to see John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett play a 1600 seat theater in Ithaca instead. Lyle played "If I Had a Boat" for me, and John...well, John's a miracle. It's been a stellar musical year for me thus far: Dresden Dolls, Joe Henry, John & Lyle, Eels coming up. Life is good, no?

No need to ship my prize for dominating these music quizes, I'll swing by when the snow melts up here in the Big Icy.

John said...

Yeah, Hiatt is sent from above.

About the quiz, are you sure that Drury "performed" the song with the Blockheads?

Are you sure?

Double or nothing?

Ann said...

...and this is how my father used to win money from me when I was a kid: let me win the first two games of cribbage, and then whisper those oh-so tempting words:




Yes, John. All in. Maybe the original version was only credited to Drury (although you know Jankle helped with the lyrics) but there's gotta be a live version out there somewhere.

All in, I say!!

Rose said...

I'm gonna go with Rising Tide, despite Ann going all in. I have always been a crap gambler, and I intend to keep on being a crap gambler. PS: You just had me rolling in the aisles with those movie synopsis. synopsises. Synopses? Whatever. No fair that Ann gets to go to Ithaca. It's my favoritest place ever!!! :( I blame you John. You.

Scott Walters said...

John, I'm gonna have to steal that cutline for my website: "one of the Original Gangsters of this whole theater blog world." Makes me feel old, but oh so dangerous.

John said...

Scott, you are old and dangerous. Only way to be when you're lucky enough to still be around. We should all strive to be Plainview, in my homicidal opinion.

And how sad is it that Ithaca is Rose's favorite place? Venice, my dear. Or even Venice Beach. London, Sydney, Patagonia, you got to get your passport stamped and hit the road, Rosie.

Ann went in double or nothing. And she doesn't even know what she's playing for. I'm going to give you a last chance, Ann. You can honorably step back if you want.

"Performed" by Ian Drury and the Blank. Think about it.

Ann said...

Are you gonna make me go get my cassette tapes? Because I have a copy of Straight From the Desk around here *somewhere* version by I.D. and the Blockheads.

All. In.

They toured! With Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello and that other guy! They toured as Ian Drury and the Blockheads and I bet they played that song at every freaking show!

There will be no stepping back...actually, I think I just cyber chest-bumped you.

Go on. Hit me with your rhythm stick. I can take it.

Rose said...

Hey! I've been to London! I even lived there and worked in a whiskey bar! And I've been to Venice too! (It was stinky and full of tourists). Patagonia I'd like to see, not so sure about Sydney. So nyeh. :P

John said...

And still you choose Ithaca?

You're a strange one and it's not just the hat.

Rose said...

Well I can't say I deny it.