Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Winds are howling outside, rain against the window. We've battened everything down and are ready to ride it out.

Incredibly magical night last night, the snow coming down in the streetlamplights, a proper New York winter's night. Cab going slow, crunching over the snow on the street, taking us home after a good day's work and a meal out with good friends. Those little things that make up a life.

Senator O is rolling, racking up victories and delegates and the one important thing, Momentum. If O gets the Mo, then we're going to keep the best Senator from New York we've had in years. And that's a very good thing. Would love to hear Barack and Johnny Mac debate the real issues in the fall, not just campaign against each other. One of the good things about McCain is that he knows the issues and can talk about them honestly and openly. He's wrong on all counts, but he'll make an honest case, not just whisper slyly about fear and race and feminazis and Jesus, like the regular round-up of whores and liars we usually see auditioning for the Big Desk.

What else is going on?

More good work on Overlord. Learning my ass off every day. My sister Liz just got a great job at Washington University, one she really wanted. My nieces remain very, very cute out in St. Louis. Nancy Walsh is the funniest person on the planet. Neil Genzingler or whatever the fuck his mother named him continues the unwarranted and uninformed smear job that Antonin Artaud has been subjected to for a century now, see today's Times for the lazy, mean-spirited review of The Cenci.

Thinking about becoming a choreographer after finishing the Woyzeck piece.

Why not?

Dance is much more interesting than theater these days.

Also want to get back into collage. I was a hell of a collagist in college. Funny sentence, but true.

Put on your tam and your galoshes if you're in my parish and going outside today, kids.

Storm's a-blowing.

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