Friday, February 08, 2008

all about me

Wave goodbye to the Mittbot as he rockets home to the mothership.

Goodbye, you terrifying robot.

Stealing from Ann Read (and I only steal from the best), the headine in the Dime Museum Daily reads:

Mittbot Re-booted

Actual headline in the Times is:

Romney's Run was Dogged by Miscalculation

And in other news:

Romney's Dog was Runned Over by a Car

But let's talk about me.

Lori Hoeflinger pointed out to me last night that in the photo that adorns this fine blog, I look just like Kristi McNichol from the classic 70s televised dramedy Eight is Enough, starring most of the Van Patten family. And so I said,

That's what I was going for back then. I was a very confused child.

Something about this Irish mug of mine. For awhile there I was a spitting image of the kid who played James at Sixteen. Remember that one? Then for a summer back in the 80s I was regularly misstaken for John Cougar Mellencamp. I get Denis Leary all the time, used to get Michael J. Fox, and for about three days in the late 90s, in certain light and at extreme and glancing angles, the left side of my face was Matt Damon.

Those were good days.

My weird thing is, none of those people look anything like each other. And yet I am the Big Tent where all can gather.

Workshop is rocking. Found the opening music for the show, The Eels Novocaine for the Soul off of the Beautiful Freak album. Start it at a moderate volume and then just keep turning it up as the houselights fade and the assembled audience starts wondering just what the hell they're in for. Louder and louder until it cuts out abruptly as the curtain swings open and the show leaps off of the stage.

Lori Hoeflinger. Now, she gets in free all the time. That's quite a name.

I knew her as Lori Lengyel before Mr. Hoeflinger entered the scene. You must love a man a lot to agree to Hoeflinger. I think its a German name, comes from a Bavarian tradition where the men in town would gather and see how far they could fling the "ladies of the night". Just harmless, old-time German fun.

Off to work. So long, Mitt. Johnny Mac is smiling today.


Ann said...

Am I the only one afraid about where the MittBot is going? His alien masters are going to upgrade him, you know...terrifying beyond your wildest imaginings,John.I promise you,he's going to come back in 4 years with a whole lot more going for him than magic underwear.

Please forward royalty check for use of my fabulous headline. You do get paid for this, right?Right, John?

John said...

Big money, baby.

And you'll never see a dime.