Wednesday, February 06, 2008

split decision


What happened? The Clash of the Senators continues, both able to claim either momentum or endurance. Senator O won a bunch of lilly-white states, which added to Iowa make him look like the people's candidate and not the black guy. Clinton took the Golden State, which, depending on who rigged which local polling station, could be the ballgame.

Senator Clinton, from me to you, please fire your speechwriting staff or at least wake them up before they write another word. I know you're going up against a guy who can make a cereal box sing, but that's no reason to just give up on the language.

Here's a tip:

Stop giving State of the Union addresses. You haven't, technically, won it yet. We like to hear a candidate want it a little. The Inevitable Shuffle was a great dance last year, time to learn a new move.

Story of the night for me was Huckabee. He didn't go away, it turns out, just stepped out of the limelight and got organized.

And super-delegates are what, exactly? Delegates that can fly? Delegates that can melt steel with their minds? I'm confused.

Continuing to rock steady with Overlord. Learning so much. Such a great place to work, down at Soho Think Tank's sixth floor studio on Wooster Street. Starting on Friday we're going to open the workshop to people in the afternoon, if anyone wants to come down and observe, just let me know. Can't have a mob, but new people in the room always keeps the players on their toes.


Ann said...

People sleeping on your couch on Thursday automatically get to come down on Friday, right?

John said...

Of course. Give me a call, let's synchronize our watches for tomorrow.