Wednesday, October 01, 2008

october dawn

A new month, summer truly gone, all things turning autumnal.

Best time of year, with the leaves falling and the nights turning cold. Makes you grateful for a roof over your head and a hand to hold when the lights go out.

Much work to be done, finishing Postmen, pre-production for The Truth About Santa, lots of League business. Came across this in John Banville's Birchwood, a good reminder that although there's always plenty of things to get done, the heart of what we do is something other than work:

"...It was a game that we played, enchanters and enchanted, tossing a bright golden ball back and forth across the footlights, a game that meant nothing, was a wisp of smoke, and yet, and yet, on the tight steel cord of their careful lives we struck a dark rapturous note that left their tidy town tingling behind us."

Happy Day today to Elizabeth Williams nee Clancy and happy days to us all.


widdibit weeyums said...

Wow - I made the blog - now give me back my Squeeze tape...

John said...

Your Squeeze tape?