Tuesday, October 21, 2008

late october itch

Always get to feeling this way around this time of year.

Another year starting to slide away, projects piled up on the desk, plans half-made, half-completed, calendar crowded with meetings, calls to return and me sitting here restless, revved up, a little bit tired and ornery, scrapping with myself.

Maybe it's something I learned in school, this being about the time in the semester when I'd realize, once again, I was going to have to hustle my ass off to squeak out a passing grade in all of those classes I had dreamed through.

Maybe it's just the season, summer well and truly gone, leaves falling, the natural, larger reminder that things end and there is very little anyone can do about it.

Maybe I caught a touch of the Whooping Mountain Fever, I hear it makes a man think all kinds of things and gibber and gnash his teeth.

Don't know.

Just kind of itchy inside.

All's right with the MMMQ, though, Ann and Rose are reinstated as the Mistresses of Quiz. Ann knew that Mr. Headon went by "Topper", for some obscure reason, and Rose knows that he should have gone by "Smilin' Jim the Washboard Man".

Ann and Rose face the Phillies on Wednesday for a best of seven series.

Good luck, ladies.

It's all about the pitching.


Ann said...

Because I saw "Westway to the World", an awesome documentary on the Clash, and apparently I was sober.

Rose is pitching. Obviously, I'm in left field.

John said...

Rose can just VORN! those bastards all night long, you can't hit against the laser-eye.

Rose said...

I want a jersey that says Mad Grinning Gipper of Death! to wear on the battlefield. Um. On the baseball field. Or whatever it's called.

Anyway, Jersey, that's all I need.

Then it's on with the VORN!!!!

Oops, sorry John, was that your new poconos curtains set that are now burning?

Damn country bumpkins and their curtains! Flame proof those suckers!