Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the arizona wildcat's last stand

Johnny Mac has got 'em right where he wants 'em.

Twenty days out, fourteen points down, not a single friend he can count on.

He's a wily one, let there be no doubt.

A maverick.

One rumor out there is that he'll endorse Obama tonight, divorce Cindy and announce his plans to move to Connecticut and marry Joe Lieberman.

Another rumor is that he'll use some old ju-jitsu on Obama during the ritual handshake at the top of the debate, wrestle him to the floor and make a citizen's arrest right there.

And then divorce Cindy, move to Connecticut and marry Joe Lieberman.

You see? He's got everyone guessing.


I'll watch tonight with expectations lowered down to the floor. It's a little dispiriting to watch Senator O pull away like your grandmother driving a trailer down the highway: cautious, looking in every direction, smiling and waving back at you, not entirely sure where she's going as she disappears around the bend.

But when you're up, you just try to run out the clock, that's Politics 101.

Ann brought down young Rose/Adam yesterday, proving that the Tuesday Morning Music Quiz is twice as tough as the old MMMQ.

Papa Lacy shouts out to the Texas crowd at the top of the very strange and unsatisfying "Lynyrd Skynyrd Live". It actually ends with Lonnie or Donnie or Johnnie telling the audience that only one man can sing Freebird, and as he's dead, no one is going to sing it tonight. Then he tells the crowd to sing it, and they play every note, with the Dallas mob howling in the background.

I'm listening to this, flying down the dark road a few nights ago, and I say to McGee,

"Y'know, this is kind of cool to listen to."

And she pauses, eyes the road, eases into the passing lane and says,

"Yeah. Once."

No prizes, booby or otherwise were promised yesterday, so Ann and Rose get a free pass and a strong admonition to bone up on their Southern rock, classic or otherwise.

I grew up in St. Louis, after all.


Ann said...

I want an 80's new wave question ON MONDAY next week or I'm breaking up with you. I'll bone up on my southern rock after the election, right now I have to keep my calendar clear in case Rachel Maddow calls and wants me to come on her show and/or be her new best friend.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to retreat and ponder the utter ruination of my good name and reputation...and beg Rose's forgiveness.

John said...

Don't be so tough on yourself, Ann. It was hard work listening to 38. Special over and over in the shadow of that silver Arch, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Only problem I have with Maddow is that she comes on right after Countdown and it's pretty much the same segments.

Love it when she's sitting next to Buchanan on those other shows, though. Great to see someone just look at Pat and laugh.

Carl said...

i had no IDEA what you were on about in that question john, but ya gotta love a bit a Skynyrd. a useless bit of information for ya. the good ol' boys of Lynyrd Skynyrd are from my home town. Jacksonville Florida. the original guitarist is a close family friend...well, he quit the band before they ever got big but he WAS the original. bet he's regretting that one. he was the one that told me the origin of their name actually. Lynyrd Skynyrd was the name of a teacher that all the boys hatted back in high school. apparently they weren't planing on getting big.

yeaaah. gotta love j-ville.

John said...

So you're buddy was the Florida Pete Best? Pretty cool.

He didn't play any stadiums, but he wasn't on that plane, either.

Gob both takes and gives, y'see.

Yeah, that quiz was a bit of a screwball. I was up in my in-laws place without a thought in my head, reached for the first CD I could find.