Thursday, October 02, 2008

looking ahead

Trying to figure out the rest of the year here in the wild mountains of the Poconos.

Julie McMurchie, a Western friend of the Museum's, pointed out unhelpfully that the Poconos aren't proper mountains. Forced me to consult Wikipedia, which names the area a "mountainous region".

Good enough for me.

Besides the mounting writing projects, the rest of 2008 holds another showing of The Event at Williams College, complete with a workshop led by myself; a very random and strange appearance by me and Spitfire in Belfast on Election Day as part of Tinderbox Theater's Swing State Cabaret and the world premiere of Greg Kotis' The Truth About Santa, an apocalyptic holiday tale, opening December 3rd at the Kraine Theater on E. 4th Street, directed by me, featuring many Clancy Production regulars.

Should keep us dancing to the beat.

Trying to keep myself calm and my expectations low for the big debate tonight. Most of me is praying for the Big Meltdown, of course, but remember, it's a very low bar.

Back in 2000, when asked to name a political hero, the Idiot, simpering, responded with:

"Jesus Christ. Because he changed my heart."

And no hooks appeared to drag him offstage. In fact, his numbers went up.

I love the scene: Christ in the smoke-filled back room, puffing on a fat cigar, leaning over the table and laying it out to the boys:

"Here's how we're going to play it, boys. I'll rile up the people, see? Miracles, trash-talking the Pharisees, the whole magilla, right? Then you betray me, I get arrested, dragged around, you deny me, especially you, Pete, they crucify me, I die, and then three days later we meet up at the tomb. What do you say?"

Very radical, yes, but doesn't win you Pennsylvania.

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