Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just let it be over

I'm as nervous as a nun in a whorehouse, just let it be November 4th and let's count the votes and be done with it.

Nun in a whorehouse?

That should be whore in a nunhouse.

Whore in a hen-house.

Hen in a crack house?

Don't worry, I'll edit this all out.

Got some solid work in on The Postmen yesterday, first time in weeks I've sat down and really worked on it. Great feeling when you're writing something new, chasing it down the page, half of the brain whispering to the other half, other half just scribbling it all down.

Found our musical elves, Clay Adams and Jeff Gurner join our Holiday Crew. We're having an invited reading of The Truth About Santa on Sunday, October 26th at 3:00 down at the Ohio Theater's 6th Floor Studio on Wooster Street, everyone's invited, come if you're in town.

Beautiful fall day out there in Rat City, might have to run around out there and get into some trouble.

I'm as restless as a cat in a funhouse.

Nun in a cathouse.

Cat in a henhouse?

That one almost means something.


Ann said...

Out of place as a Palin in an Oval Office.

John said...


Rose said...

If you put lipstick on a nun in a whorehouse, is she still a nun?