Wednesday, October 08, 2008

johnny mac needs a nap

Or to get back on his meds or something.

Craziest thing about last night's exhibition is that McCain pushed for the town hall format, wanted to do like twenty of them or something.

What's the thought process there?

"Y'see, if we're standing there side by side, the people can see, without doubt, that I'm an old, cranky, kind of weird guy and that my opponent, that one, is young, graceful, warm and much more human than my old creaky ass. Maybe we should run some kind of obstacle course at the end, you know, jump over things and climb a wall or something? Then I could be lying on the ground at the end, unable to catch my breath or move while he dances around with his hands in the air. Y'see?"

What we got here is a critical, near fatal gap between self-image and reality.

Johnny thinks he's a fun-loving ex-Navy pilot going up against the Establishment.

But the world looks at him and sees... the Establishment.

Anyway, Obama took the night, giving me a very nice birthday present.

Thanks to all for the good wishes.

Now to work. Scribbling away on the Postmen and much League of Independent Theater bidness to get done.

Back in Rat City on Friday, a man can only take so much peace and quiet.


Chance Muehleck said...

Yes, it was an odd pairing. What I liked most, though, was the theatre-in-the-round staging. Some interesting folks in that audience. I think one of them was a twelve year-old boy. And I kind of doubt that the enthusiastic woman hugging Obama after the show was "undecided."

Anyway, happy (belated) b-day. Quite a treat.

John said...

Yeah, the in-the-round set-up also allowed for some very strange background shots, Johnny stalking out into the camera range and then just kind of standing there.

And where were Mr. and Mrs. McCrank after the debate was over? Michelle personally picked up about ten votes from what I saw.

Johnny must have been backstage flat on his back, his corner man waving smelling salts at him and slapping his face, Cindy just watching and smiling, smiling...

Anonymous said...

no no no you got it all wrong...Johnny had to go to the bathroom...the dude is 72 years old for chrissake...his prostrate is all done. love, mern

John said...

Ah. Yes.

Very disturbing image now seared into my frontal lobe.

Thanks for that.

Don't you have some laundry to do?