Tuesday, October 07, 2008

natal day

I'm sitting here in a birthday hat, wearing nothing else except my birthday suit.

Many years ago, on this very day, my mother was in great pain.

But then I arrived and have been giving her solace and comfort ever since.

Except for a couple of years back in high school, of course, but I blame Christian Saller, Dave Weems, Al Barclay and the rest of those hooligans.

It's a good day to have been born, a good day to be alive, a good day all around.

Ann's Jim and Carl split the Cabin in the Sky. Lester and Earl stood in that big front hall with Jed and Granny and Jethro and the luscious Ellie Mae and they fiddled their fingers off. Buddy Ebsen even kicked his legs and showed the old moves, chorus boy that he was.

Well done, gentlemen.

And now...



Ann said...

You are SO FUCKIN' LUCKY!! You get a DEBATE for your birthday!

One year I got a Superbowl for my birthday, and I pretended Prince was playing my party...but YOU get a DEBATE.

Kick ass.

Happy birthday, John. I will have many drinks in your honor tonight.

Anonymous said...

May all your hopes & dreams come true. No one deserves that more than you.

Lori said...

Happy b-day John.

Is Obama doing a secret "wink" in honor of your b-day. I will be looking for it.

Have a good one

Ann said...

Slightly less secret now that you've leaked it on the internet, BFF. But at least now everyone will know the wink is for John and not William Ayers, so...genius plan accomplished.

Nan said...

I asked the Commission to quiz the candidates on all-time best debut albums. I feel the American people deserve to know where the next President stands on this vital issue.

Violent Femmes?
Liz Phair?

And if Senator O winks at me one more time from the T.V., that's it, I'm buying him a drink and letting nature take it's course.

Zack said...

Happy Birthday buddy!

showard said...

happy belated birfday john! and spitfire
we October babies really get the best season
harvest moons, festival of the leaves, Halloween,
(the margaret mead festival for me) and im almost
sure, this year, a brillant young president. about the same age.