Thursday, October 30, 2008

back to it

On the road all day today, make base camp in the Poconos tonight, Gob willing, and then Rat City Saturday morning, catch a flight to Belfast, Ireland Saturday night.

No rest for the wicked, as my father used to say.

Caught the Obama infomercial thing last night.

Didn't change my mind much, but I did switch my insurance to Prudential and went out and bought a Chevy.


That's something.


Carl said...

it'll be good to have you over on this side of the pond John. and in case you didn't know, the clocks over here already changed back last Sunday. So you'll only be losing 4 hours...not too bad.

John said...

Didn't know that.

So you're ahead of us in being behind.

That means the East Coast will close at 1:00 AM Belfast time?

I'm going to be up all night with a bunch of Irishmen, any way it plays.