Tuesday, September 02, 2008

good morning to you

Looks like we all made it to September.

Change those calendars, put on your school uniform and get ready to pretend to care about football for a few months. Autumnal winds shall blow, the leaves will reveal their true colors before they spin to the ground and before you know it, it will be Halloween, you'll be wearing your old leather jacket, stomping around Rat City complaining about the cold.

Spent the whole long week-end holed up at the Ohio Theater over in Soho, meditating hard on The Invitation. First audience on Friday. It's going to look gorgeous, thanks to Rose Howard and her wonder team and the illuminating stylings of Eric Southern. Bizarre to being working on a Parks' play with a set. Usually I just ask the actors to stroll out there and start talking fast.

We're looking for a few interns to help out with the show, so if you're young and hardy and don't mind the sight of blood, let me know. Need to be available nights, Wed-Sat, through September. No money, but you'll be privy to the endless backstage bits of Paul Urcioli and David Calvitto and that, kids, is a life lesson that all should learn.

I'm shilling for the show and the League of Independent Theater today on WBAI, 99.5 FM. We're on the Tuesday Afternoon Arts Magazine, sometime between 2:00 and 3:00. You can hear it online at www.wbai.org, I'm told.

Word just broke that Governor Sarah Palin is a meth-head, her Mom once lived with a polar bear and an anagram of her name is ANAL RASH, PI.

You'd think they would have at least checked out that anagram thing.

But seriously, what kind of complete contempt for the office and for us does Johnny's offer to someone he talked to for twenty minutes show? This is the sort of calm, deliberative mind we want running things next year?

Palin's qualifications seem to be that she's against abortion and also has a uterus. That's all I can really get from anyone. The current Runner-Up Miss Alaska isn't talking, but maybe that's because she doesn't want to blow her chance for the Supreme Court when Johnny's in charge.

Make that two coats, Ann, and no dripping.

The Republicans have adjusted their convention to deal with the Storm of the Week and so here at the Museum we've adjusted our MMMQ since no one showed up sober yesterday, claiming it was some kind of national holiday.

Our Tuesday Morning Music Quiz is a mite obscure, but then again, so are we.

I found a series of amazing CDs at a used record store in the West Village over the weekend, a four disc collection called "Best of Driving Rock", a compilation for those long all-night drives. But the twist is that it was put out in the UK, so you have to listen to it on the wrong side of the road and it includes some shit you've never heard of. Disc 3 opens with an Iggy Pop classic which the CD sleeve helpfully points out reached the #22 position on the UK charts.

Do the Brits crank up the odometer to:

1. The Passenger

2. Theme from "Repo Man"

3. Something Wild


4. Ready, Steady, Go


the Rose Pick,

5. Hi, My Name is Iggy Pop and It's a Lovely Day to Take a Ride in the English Countryside with You, You Goddamned Englishman, (off of the Vorn Recordings)

Winners get round-trip airfare to London (to be provided by the winners themselves, as is custom), losers have to help Ann paint the Museum.


Ann said...

Not so fast, you. I wanted the Runner-Up Miss Alaska thing *in* the quiz question, not just the post...but what the hell, I'll still paint the museum because I like the fumes.

Answer's The Passenger. And I ride and I ride...

I love Iggy Pop. And I've always thought he and I would make a really compelling couple.

John said...

"Compelling" as in incarcerated?

Best all-time Iggy Pop thing is his turn in Coffee and Cigarettes with Tom Waits.

O man. Waits calling him Jim and pretending to be a doctor and Iggy just grinning shyly through the whole thing.

Part of me wants to believe that none of that dialogue was ever written down.

Rose said...

Since I still need to watch said Jarmusch movie, I will wait to comment on the coffee and cigarettes thing. And, obviously, as exhausted as I am, I can only vote for mambo number five, Iggy Pop talking about englishmen and driving around. Though if it were like the dreams I had last night, it would be less polite and there would be more swearing and blood everywhere.