Thursday, September 04, 2008

late night

Got our first full-on lights and sound run of The Invitation last night. Great work all around, but didn't get out of there until after 11 and then dropped by to see Fred Backus and Eva's Stewart up at a bar on St. Marks, so didn't get home until around midnight, stayed up just winding down until 2:30.

The Odd Couple is on at 2:00 on one of those channels, in case you find yourself up late and in need of some old-school comedy. A very, very young Albert Brooks was on the show last night, playing a self-described "happening teen-ager". Huge hair, enormous gold-rimmed glasses, tailored suit and tie.

Speaking of odd couples...

I missed Palin's speech, but everyone else seems to be missing the point, or being beaten away from it by the angry right.

Palin may turn out to be Harry S. Truman or Harriet Meyers, we don't know yet, but that doesn't matter.

Her selection says nothing about Palin.

The point is that McCain made the choice because his handlers told him she'd help elect him President. That's it. He chose someone he didn't know and still doesn't know. He chose a highly recommended resume after a brief conversation. So he doesn't know if she's Harry Truman or Harriet Meyers or Harriet Tubman or Joe McCarthy or Jerry Falwell or Ma Kettle.

Again, doesn't really matter who she turns out to be, the salient point is that the man who wants to run our country just demonstrated that it's not important to him what happens to our country in the event he dies in office.

Just not that important.

So when they come back with her qualifications, the reporters just have to nod and say;

"Yes, but you didn't know that when you offered her the job."

And Johnny Mac, that Grinning Gipper of Death, is on the losing side of the actuarial tables.

I don't actually know what actuarial tables are, but my point is that he's an old guy and the chances of his VP actually stepping in and getting behind the Big Desk are higher than if he was, say, 47.

I'm just saying.

The Invitation is a Voice Choice this week as well as a New York Magazine theater pick. Getting both the uptown and the downtown vote.

Come down to the Ohio Theater, first public performance is Friday and we play right through, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then Wednesdays through Saturdays throughout the month. But come early, they need a crowd to play with.

And hold that date: Sunday, September 14, 5 PM, Matt Oberg performs my new piece The Event, one night only at The Barrow Street Theater.

Lots of good theater for all of you bad people.

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