Wednesday, September 24, 2008

free night

Circle October 16th in your calendars, me droogs.

That's Free Night here in the New York theater world, an event that the League of Independent Theater is behind, along with ART/NY, TDF, the Arts and Business Council and the Off Broadway League.

If you're a League member, let us know what you're doing that night and we'll throw some publicity your way.

We're about to get cooking on the League again, our Managing Director, the lovely Abby Marcus, had to take some time off to get married, but now she's back, wed and ready to rock. Congrats, Abby and Qui.

This is my last full day in Rat City for about three weeks and it looks gorgeous outside. Need to walk around and soak it up, the sirens and the construction debris, the swerving, honking taxis and the screaming packs of children swarming outside the schools. Not a lot of that in L.A. and none at all in the Pocono Mountains.

Going to see The Invitation tonight, haven't seen it since opening weekend. They close this Saturday, see it if you haven't yet.

What else?

Democrats in Congress are showing a little backbone, which is what they usually do before they cave and give the White House whatever it wants.

Big news the last few days is that someone ran a poll that shows that race may be a factor in some voters' decision. I am shocked, shocked that there is gambling on these premises.

Big debate Friday. I'm predicting Obama winning with a TKO, third round. Just hammer away, hit all the buttons that make Johnny crazy, keep hitting them and then step back and let him self-detonate.

Johnny's wrapped so tight these days he's begging to blow, just give him the opportunity.

I heard that Palin's handlers have asked that the Palin-Biden debate be modified to exclude any actual questions being asked and that no reporters, photographers or audience of any kind be allowed into the debate hall. Just her and Joe and some private time.

Sounds reasonable.

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