Monday, September 15, 2008

monday, monday

Can't trust that day.

Actually, I look out the window this morning with complete confidence and acceptance, assuming nothing.

I look at my day-runner and see that it has slowed to a crawl.

Have to go see a reading of a new Nigro play tonight, that's it.

Tomorrow it just says "Fly to L.A.".

By gob, my race has been run for this month and I see a little break opening up.

Matt Oberg delivered The Event last night at Barrow Street Theater, thanks all for showing up. Good buzz in the bar afterwards, the show should have some kind of life in the near future.

The Invitation is up and running down at the Ohio in Soho. Always a great feeling as a director when you can walk away from a show, knowing that the actors and the stage manager and the running crew have everything in hand and are making the show better every night without your meddling presence.

I've got some writing to finish up and a lot of LIT work to start in on, but other than that, your faithful correspondent is going to be lying about on the couch listening to the stereo and watching the stock market crash today.

Our MMMQ consults the oracle of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. In the opening lines of Uncle John's Band (to be played at my funeral, over and over, by the way) we are all instructed that "when life looks like Easy Street"...

1. ...don't you worry anymore.

2. better pack your bags and run.

3. ... there is danger at your door.

4. ...a hard rain's gonna fall.


5. ...let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how, come on a safari with me.

Winners get the peace of mind of being right, losers get a fifty-eight percent ownership of Lehman Brothers.


Ann said...

...There is danger at your door.

Nice segue for me, John. There *could* be danger at your door this Saturday, I'll be in town for one night and one night only. Will you be off in the wilderness, or will you be drinking and talking politics with me as Gob intended?

John said...

We're going up to Garrison, NY for a reading of a new play on Friday, I think we're home by Saturday.

I'll do some recon and see what's what.

I'll have some lemonade with you, sure.

Is there something going on in politics?

Ann said...

"lemonade"? "Is there something going on in politics"?

Nevermind. I only like you in your manic phases....this is obviously not a good time for a visit.

By the way, my all time favorite Grateful Dead lyric is "I like to get some sleep before I travel, but if you've got a warrant, I guess you're gonna come in."

John said...

"This is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago."


Rose said...

Obviously #2. You better pack your bags and run. Obviously.