Friday, September 19, 2008

traveling man

I spent all of yesterday on Virgin Flight 318, crossing this great country from California to the New York islands.

Big country. Mountains out there in the middle of it, forgot about those.

Saw a stumble-through of the L.A. Fatboy on Wednesday night. Once they learn their lines, that's going to be a great production. Excellent cast, beautiful design and a really good bunch of people working on it. We're going back on Thursday the 25th to see the opening on the 26th and then hang a few days in Los Angeles.

But first we head up to Beacon, NY for a reading of C.J. Hopkins' America the Beautiful. Actually, two readings, tonight and tomorrow.

Papa was a rolling stone, man.

Feel like I've been on a forced march since early August, working on at least two shows at a time, changing time zones every other week, hustling and juking and waking up and doing it again.

No complaints, good to be busy.

But when we get back from L.A. next week, I'm going to hide out in the woods for a few days.

If you're in New York, come on down to the Ohio Theater for The Invitation. If you're in Beacon, NY, come on down for America the Beautiful. If you're in L.A., get your tickets for Fatboy.

And if you're anywhere else, god bless you and keep you safe.

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