Monday, September 08, 2008

up and running

Had our first press in to The Invitation last night. More tonight and then we officially open on Wednesday.

The show is cooking right along, very happy with it. Come on down to the Ohio Theater for 72 minutes of banter, quips and full-on hysteria.

And yesterday me and Ms. McGee celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. The Scrappy Jack and the Fireball Kid Show has been up and running for over 20 years now. Same basic script since the beginning and most of the same jokes, but it works like a dream.

We're heading out of town tonight after the show to celebrate in the Poconos, probably won't be back until sometime Wednesday afternoon. No internet out at the cabin yet, so probably a light week on the old blog.

In honor of the nuptial day back in 1991, our MMMQ asks which song did the very young Jack and the even younger Spitfire sway and giggle to as their official first dance?

Was it:

1. I Can't Help Falling in Love With You

2. The Best is Yet to Come

3. Tempted


4. Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Winners get a wedding photo of their choice, losers get stuck with the catering bill.


Anonymous said...

HOLY CROW I KNOW THIS ONE!! (I think.) I am a little thrown off by the sway and giggle part, however, as having witnessed a reenactment that is not really how I would describe it. "It" being the eternal Meatloaf classic Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

I actually have no idea if that was first-date material, you may have saved it for weddings. But it's worth voting for because that reenactment kicked ass.

HAPPY HAPPY guys! love, jb

Anonymous said...

Oops. You said it was wedding, not first date. I'm gonna... go drink some tea, now. And wait for my prize.

Ann said...

You know what my dad used to say? He used to say "Anner, (family nickname, shut it) when you are presented with a list of choices and one of them is an Elvis song, *always* go with The King. Hell, even if you're wrong you're right."

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids.

Rose said...

I vote #7, Yellow Submarine. It makes sense, really. Yup. Sense.

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has to be Elvis!!! I need to wake up earlier, Ann always is right!!

Wait, I'll just let Ann answer first and then I can copy off of her.

John, We all want to see pictures of you in a tux. Can we photo shop in a hoodie?