Thursday, September 11, 2008

clawing my way back

Just barely here at the desk after a few unspeakably blissful days up in the Poconos mountains.

The Mountains!

God, you just want to run amok and tackle the plentiful deer.

Ann, Lori and, yes, Rose are all winners of the long-since contested MMMQ.

Never bet against the King.

Unless you're in a yellow submarine.

Thanks to all for the anniversary wishes.

Ms. McGee and I had ourselves a time.

The Mountains!

You can watch a storm brewing up out there and catch it in your paw if you're quick enough, use that bastard to make a serious kettle of coffee, then invite the bears in for a sit-down, see if you can't work it all out civil-like.

If not, it's all just rage and bloodshed and no-one wants that.


Anonymous said...

Sigh.... but I don't even care, really, because I'll vote for that rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard Light as the answer, regardless of the question. Because it rocks. xo, jb

John said...

That's the spirit, jb, and that's the only real reason to vote for anything.

If it rocks, it can't be wrong.