Friday, September 12, 2008

nice words

Got some good notices for The Invitation from Martin Denton and Aaron Riccio, check out and

Show is humming right along.

I'm focused on The Event now, we do one night only at Barrow Street Theater this Sunday, 5 PM. Just show up, it's 15 bucks and you get a free beer. Matt and I did a podcast on the show last week, also up at

Then next week I'm California-bound, flying to L.A. on Tuesday to look in on Fatboy rehearsals. The show opens on the 26th, plays for awhile, so if you're out there in the Golden State, come on down and watch the fat man rage.

Good to be busy.

Walking home from the theater last night through Chinatown and I thought about how I could use a jacket.

Ah, the fall.

My favorite season and the best time to be in Rat City with the hard blue sky and the leaves swirling down.

Out in the Poconos it's already cold in the mornings, me and Spitfire were shivering and rubbing our ice-block feet against each other a few days back.

Come out and see the shows, or don't and spend some time walking around holding onto someone else's hand watching the leaves fall and thinking on your Halloween costume.

This year I'm going as Samantabhadra, the primordial lord, the unchanging buddha-body of light, the Buddah Body of Reality.

He's blue in color.

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